Water research topics
Water research topics

Water research topics

Water research topics with all the information you are looking for about water and its importance for all living things on the planet’s surface, and we will learn here about the sources of water and the causes of water pollution and also how to preserve that grace in water research topics .

Water research topics

Water is a great blessing from God to mankind, there is no living organism can live without water, so it is our duty to unite to preserve water and rational consumption. All this information will be found here in water research topics.



Water is one of the most important blessings that God Almighty bestowed upon humanity. Life does not continue without it. Living organisms can carry out all the various vital processes.


It is an important element in nature around us. Water constitutes seventy percent of the Earth’s surface, and are distributed in rivers, seas, oceans, lakes and others.

Every person should drink about eight glasses of water a day or two liters, which helps to rid the body of toxins and waste, in addition to other benefits, and in this article we will talk about the importance of water and sources and ways to preserve them.


Water properties  

Water is characterized by many special qualities that distinguish it from other elements, including:


Water has no color.

The water is tasteless.

Water is 70% of the human body.

Water does not have a smell.

Water consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, known as the famous h2o.

The importance of water;

Water has many of the benefits , and water enters many uses in our daily lives:

Water enters the kitchen.



Irrigate crops.

Water enters many diets used to lose weight and slimming.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness of homes.

Different industries.

The processes of living organisms in their bodies and organs.

Water resources

The sources of water around us are renewable and non-renewable, and the most important sources are:


Artesian wells.

rain water.

seas and oceans.

Rivers and lakes.

Water pollution;

Water pollution is defined as a defect in the composition of the water and its chemical properties are altered to make it unsuitable for human consumption and harmful to any other creature that consumes it. There are many reasons, including:

The use of pesticides heavily.

Sewage .

Factory waste.

Oil leaks from giant tankers in oceans and seas.

Acid and industrial rain.

Methods of water conservation;

In order to preserve the water from depletion or pollution, people resort to many things and methods, including the following:

The construction of cesspits away from drinking sources and artesian wells dug in the ground.

Wash the car using a little water and avoid using the brocade.

Drip irrigation.

Rationalize water consumption when cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.

Repair of water leaks and leaks in the washbasins and in the house and outside if there are external faucets.

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