Topic about Kuwait
Topic about Kuwait

Topic about Kuwait

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Topic about Kuwait

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Kuwait is an Arab country located in the northwest corner of the Arabian Gulf.It is located in the Middle East in the southwest of Asia, with a total area of ​​about 17818 square kilometers and a population of about four million according to the statistics of 2014, Iraq, and surrounded by Saudi Arabia from the south.

The name dates back to the early seventeenth century, when Kuwait was known as the Qurain in the sense of the high ground or the hill. It was then named after Kuwait, which means the castle or fortress built beside the water.

The State of Kuwait lies northeast of the Arabian Peninsula between latitude 28.45 and 30.05 north of the equator, between latitudes 46.30 and 48.30 east of GMT.

The distance from north to south is about 200 km.

The length of the coastline is 325 km except for the coastal strip of the islands And the coastal area can be divided into two parts; a north extending from the top of the earth to Umm Qasr, and a south extending from the head of the land to Nuweisab.

And Kuwait is gradually descending towards the coasts of the sea from the west towards Al-Sharq, where the rise of the western areas is not more than 300 meters above sea level.

Kuwait consists of the plains, which are interspersed with some low hills.

These chains include the hills of Jal Al-Zour, Some of these hills took the form of domes, such as the hills of Burgan.

The islands;

Boubyan Island: Located in the northwest of the Arabian Gulf, it covers an area of ​​5% of Kuwait, the second largest island in the Arabian Gulf.

 Failaka Island: It is the only island inhabited by Kuwaitis. It was an important trading station on the road between the Mesopotamian civilizations and the Arabian Gulf civilizations, and it had a distinct religious center.

Warba Island: Located off the Iraqi coasts north of Kuwait, this name is named in relation to its low and oblique shape.

 The island of Kubr: It is uninhabited and free from the population and is one of the most beautiful islands in Kuwait, where the coral is small,  and sandy.

Awah Island: It is one of the best places in Kuwait for fishing, and is a small inhabited area.

Umm Al-Maradim Island: Known for its ancient existence, birds are abundant in it, such as gulls.

 The island of Umm al-Naml: Named by this name for the large presence of ants, and the discovery of Islamic monuments dating back to the Abbasid period.

Shweikh Island. Iskan Island. Qarwah Island.

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