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Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers, a topic about the towers of Kuwait in English contains all the important and useful information that everyone  wants to know about the towers of Kuwait and here you will find information about them entitled Kuwait Towers in English with all the information you care about.

 Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kuwait, and to know more about the towers of Kuwait you will find here a topic about Kuwait Towers with all the information about those towers and their location and design and everything that interests you.

 Kuwait Towers

The towers of Kuwait are among the most important tourist and cultural landmarks in the State of Kuwait located in the southwest of the continent of Asia, which are three high towers located on the Arabian Gulf coast in the east of the city of Kuwait, the capital of Kuwait, and the idea of ​​establishing these towers back to Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.

Kuwait Towers are;

The main tower: the tallest tower, the height of which is 187 meters from the surface of the earth, and the diameter of twenty meters.

 Middle Tower: A huge water reservoir, 147 meters above ground, and 18 meters in diameter.  

The smaller tower: the tower of lighting and control the electricity of the surrounding area, and the height is 113 meters from the surface of the earth, a diameter of twelve meters, and this tower contains a hundred scouts installed on it to light the towers of the middle and largest.

History of building towers Kuwait ;

The idea of ​​constructing these towers came back in 1963. The idea of ​​their design was re-established in 1968.

The construction of these towers was initiated by the Norwegian Energy Project in 1975.

These towers were formally opened after four years of construction on the first of the month In 1979, during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, these towers were severely damaged and re-opened in December 1992 after several years of repair and restoration.

Design of Kuwait Towers;

 The towers are designed by the Swedish Lindstrom office and are shaped like columns with blue balls that match the color of the sea and the color of the sky.

These balls are covered with eight-color iron-colored Chinese dishes.

The main tower contains two balls, 82 meters, and the second is called the detector ball and consists of  two parts the first fixed at a height of 120 meters, and the second moving at a height of 123 meters, and the middle tower contains one ball, and the smaller tower does not contain any balls.

The first ball of the main tower contains restaurants and cafes overlooking the Arabian Gulf, as well as halls equipped for concerts and courses, and the mobile part of the second ball is doing a full cycle twice an hour, and contains a telescope to see the surroundings surrounding the towers, There are also some other shops for the sale of gifts and the preparation of drinks and some fast food, and are boarding these balls through high-speed elevators from the ground floor.

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