Places to visit in Kuwait
Places to visit in Kuwait

Places to visit in Kuwait

Places to visit in Kuwait is a topic contains many important information that you want to know about Kuwait and the most important tourist places in Kuwait, where you find here all the places of attraction for tourists in Kuwait under the title of “Places to visit in Kuwait” .

Places to visit in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the most beautiful Arab cities and the most attractive to tourists because of its beautiful places and nature, and here you will find a topic on “Places to visit in Kuwait “contains all the information you are looking for.


Kuwait is located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf where the desert climate is very hot, but the government of Kuwait has managed to overcome the climate barrier and develop the State of Kuwait and the exploitation of its past and turn it into one of the most developed Gulf and attracting tourists, through urban development and openness of civilization and the development of tourism facilities Which has attracted a large number of Arab and foreign tourists to Kuwait, as well as receiving many international art and trade activities every year, bringing with it visitors from around the world.

Tourist Attractions in Kuwait;

 The towers of Kuwait are made up of three high-rise towers located in Ras Al-Ajouza, in the capital of Kuwait, overlooking the coast of the Arabian Gulf. The towers were officially opened in 1979 and were awarded the Aghakhan Prize for Islamic Architecture. These towers are known in circular form and allow visitors Inside  To see the various features of the capital Kuwait, and the height of its main tower 187 meters and contains a large reservoir of water.

Masila Beach is one of the largest beaches in Kuwait. It stretches along 350 meters at the end of one of the highways. It is known for its soft white sand and clear water. It also has three bathrooms, one for children and the other for adults.

The ski lounge is one of the most famous sports activities in Kuwait. . It was built in 1980 AD on a large area of ​​8398 square meters and surrounded by a belt of green grass.

The Heritage Village is located in Dzera Failaka and offers a large part of the history and heritage of Kuwait, including old houses, ancient houses and the Sheikh Abdullah Al Sabah Museum. The village offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Kuwaiti-style barbecue.

 The scientific center was built on the foundations of ancient Islamic architecture. It includes three halls offering a diverse mix of culture, science and entertainment. It also contains a variety of ancient fossils, some of which date to 500 million years.

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