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The Nobel prize
The Nobel prize

The Nobel prize

The Nobel prize, a topic in English where you find all the information you are looking for about the Nobel Prize and who is the owner and we will learn about the most important conditions for the nomination and selection for the Nobel Prize. All that information and more you will find here through  a topic about the Nobel prize.

The Nobel prize

The Nobel Prize is considered one of the most important prizes to be presented worldwide. All this will be found here in  a topic about the Nobel prize in English.

Nobel prize

 The Nobel Prize is one of the world’s most prestigious awards, Which is a certificate and a medal of gold,  in addition to an amount of money which is estimated in 1901 at five million crowns, or equivalent to one million dollars.

If more than one person from the same field or specialization receives the same award, the amount shall be divided among them, and not a condition to be equal.

The Swedish industrialist who invented dynamite (Alfred Nobel) is the spiritual father of the Nobel Prize; Where he ratified it in an official document on the twenty-seventh of November of 1895, and that was in the Swedish-Norwegian club.

The first award ceremony was held at the Swedish Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 1901,  Where it was awarded to some literary and scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and medicine through the handing over by the King himself of the awardees.

Although Sweden’s second king, Oscar, hesitated to hand over a national award to people who did not have Swedish citizenship, he later accepted it;  aware of the importance of Sweden’s scientific publicity in the world.

The award is presented on December 10th of each year, the day on the anniversary of the death of the Swedish Industrial Award owner, during an official ceremony.

It should be noted that the names of the winners of the award announced in October of the same year, So determined by a set of different and specific committees.  The main prize is handed over in Oslo, and the rest are awarded by the King of Sweden in Stockholm.

Until the award is obtained the candidate must first nominate himself, Note that the nomination is only for people who are still alive.

The awardees also have the right to be nominated again, The members of the Committee themselves have the right to be nominated in the fields of chemistry, physics, economics and medicine, in addition to professors working in specific Scandinavian universities, provided they have certificates in one of the above mentioned disciplines.

Nomination proposals can be obtained from an international court, a member of government, university professors studying in the fields of social sciences, law, history, philosophy and religious sciences, as well as heads of research institutes concerned with peace.

Some statistics say that by the end of 2008, the award had been awarded to seven hundred and sixty men and thirty-seven women.

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