Role model essay example
Role model essay example

Role model essay example

Role model essay example , containing all the important details about a scientist who has spent his life in the service of science and especially the field of chemistry, today we will talk about the great scientist Dr. Ahmed Zewail. All this information will be found here in a role model essay example .

Role model essay example

You will always find many scientists who have provided many and many for science for humanity in various fields and today we will talk about one of these scientists, Dr. Ahmed Zewail, and all that information will find here in a role model essay example in English.

Dr. Ahmed Zewail

Dr. Ahmed Zewail was born in the city of Damanhour in the province of Al bohaera on February 26, 1946, and moved with his family to the city of Disuq in 1950 in the province of Kafr Sheikh, where he received his education in that city and grew up.

And then joined the University of Alexandria and received a Bachelor of Science with an honors degree and a master’s degree from the same university while working as a teacher at the same university.

After earning his master’s degree, Ahmed Zewail was thinking of going abroad to get his doctorate, which was encouraged by his professors at the university.

He contacted universities in the United States and received a scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania in Florida He joined it and obtained his doctorate.

After his PhD, Dr. Ahmed Zewail enrolled as a researcher at Berkeley University and then moved to the California Institute of Technology or Caltech in California, one of the largest scientific universities in the United States.

 During his work at the Institute, Dr. Ahmed Zewail conducted research in the field of Vimto chemistry, which was introduced by Dr. Ahmed Zewail into chemistry.

Dr. Ahmed Zewail has devised a camera that helps measure chemical reactions and control micro-particles, known as the Ahmed Zewail camera, the world’s fastest camera, and can monitor interactions that occur rapidly in femtoseconds (0.0000000000001 seconds).

He was able to control the movement of atoms during the chemical reaction and how to behave, and scientists can understand how the occurrence of chemical reactions that most scientists can know about in the past is through the theories without being able to closely monitor this way.

This achievement has greatly developed the field of chemistry , and because of it he received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1999 and received many other awards before and after receiving this award for his various achievements.

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