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Rose Petra
Rose Petra

Rose Petra

Rose Petra;This is a topic about  rose Petra in English with all the information that will enable you to get acquainted with this wonderful archaeological city which  tourists  come to it from all over the world to witness the beauty of  rose Petra. Rose Petra is the archaeological city that has been classified as the second of the seven wonders of the world and here you will find a topic about Petra in English with all the useful information about this beautiful rose city.

Rose Petra

The city of Petra is one of the historical and archaeological cities established in the year 312 BC. It is located on the southern side of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, specifically on the slopes of Mount of the Altar. It is 225 kilometers away from the city of Amman and administratively follows the city of Ma’an.It was the capital of the ancient Nabatean kingdom, and was named after the pink city because of the colors of its pink rocks.

It contains many architectural works influenced by Assyrian architecture, Pharaonic architecture and Greek architecture, especially in the construction of royal tombs, carved by the Nabataeans in rock, as well as tombs built with cut stone.

Among the most important features of the ancient city is the Sik, a road that is cracked between the rocks and leads to Al- khazna. Two water channels have been set up along the sides, in addition to dams, which are used to store water and collect them for reuse in times of need, as well as archaeological sculptures representing the gods,and sculptures of Sabinus, the son of Iskandar the Macedonian, coming from Syria’s Daraa.

Al-Khazna is the most important landmark of Petra. It consists of two floors. It is a temple, in the lower part are the tombs, and the monastery, which contained statues with moving crowns, it was for the establishment of the monks in the Byzantine era.

While the theater is a carved carving in the rocks, composed of several rows that can accommodate 10,000 spectators, it is decorated with marble panels. As for the palace of the daughter of Pharaoh and its foundations of wood juniper trees that spread in the region, which is the temple of Nabati, the researchers differed to any gods returning. And the tomb of the Roman soldier where it was held in a hall around it funeral ceremony, in addition to many small temples such as the temple of black winged, and orchard, and many of the shrines of a unique artistic and urban style.

All the above, it is no wonder that Petra is the city of magic, beauty and uniqueness on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and deserved to be classified as the second of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

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