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Petra seven wonders of the world
Petra seven wonders of the world

Petra seven wonders of the world

Petra seven wonders of the world; this is theme about Petra seven wonders of the world in English contains many and many important and valuable information about the city of Petra, a wonderful archaeological city that attracts tourists from all over the world. Here you will find a topic about Petra in English with all the information you are looking for in the city of Petra Jordan. Petra is one of the most famous cities in the world, so it is classified as the second wonders of the world and here you will find the subject about Petra seven wonders of the world with all the information that helps you to know more about this wonderful archaeological city

Petra seven wonders of the world

Petra is one of the historical and archaeological cities established in the year 312 BC, located in the southern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, specifically on the slopes of Mount of the altar, and away from the city of Amman about 225 kilometers, and administratively to the province of Ma’an, and was named “pink city” due to the pink colors of its rocks.

It was inhabited by humans between 1200 and 539 BC. The city was annexed to the property of the Romans in 106 AD. It was hit by an earthquake in the year 746 AD and in 748 CE, which resulted in emptying of the population.  And in 1812 it was rediscovered.

It has many high mountains, located on the slopes of the Mount of the Altar. One of the monuments listed on the World Heritage List since one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five was discovered by the Swiss orientalist Johann Ludwig Berckhart in 1882. It contains many architectural works influenced by Assyrian architecture, Pharaonic architecture and Greek architecture, especially in the construction of royal tombs, carved by the Nabataeans in rock, as well as tombs built with cut stone.

The city of Petra is known as the Pink City, located in the city of Ma’an, south of Jordan. It has an elaborate system of old canals, terraces, rock-carved rooms and many facilities.It was the capital of the Arab Nabataeans, founded by about three hundred and twelve BC, has a prestigious position and prestige, because it is located on the Silk Road, in addition to its location in the middle of the civilizations of the Levant, Mesopotamia and Pharaonic civilization in Egypt,which made it a center of trade between all these civilizations.

Petra today contains many important and distinctive monuments, including Al-Siq, which is the long corridor leading to the city, and after the Siq comes Al-Khazna, which is the most famous features of the pink city of Petra.

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