My school achievements

My school achievements 2 Models

My school achievements are many, and all of them are honorable achievements, so it is important to write an essay on my school achievements, because that makes me proud.

My school’s achievements are great, I’m really lucky to be studying in this school. My school is making achievements in all fields, such as culture, sports, science and technology, celebrating national occasions, ceremonies honoring outstanding students, and encouraging students to develop their intellectual and professional skills.

My school achievements

My school is distinguished, it participates in many school activities, my school has many achievements, and every year my school receives awards and certificates of appreciation.

The progress of my school makes all students energetic, and they have a goal to excel in any school competition. The distinguished school environment encourages students to succeed in all cultural, sports, social and other activities.

In my school achievements, I will mention some of these achievements:

Celebrating the National Day

One of the most important celebrations that my school organizes is the National Day. The party is well organized, where both students and teachers participate in the preparation of this party, and important personalities are invited to the National Day party. And every year, my school wins the respect of everyone, and it also gets many awards for good party management.

My school’s participation in the Active Education Forum

It is important to mention my school’s great achievements, including the Active Learning Forum, which is characterized by learning through the practice of different activities, in addition to this method of education that helps the student to be creative and innovative. Every year my school wins the competition award, as it offers the best student activities.

Opening of the digital education exhibition

It has become important to train students on digital education, because that is the education of the future. As technology has become used in all fields, schools have been keeping pace with technological development, and preparing students for work. And every year, my school wins the respect and appreciation of others for the effort in this field.

Hosting the Reading Knights competition

My school participates in the Reading Knights competition, which is a cultural competition that encourages students to read and benefit from the experiences of writers. This competition is very important, because it allows students to compete in all fields, scientific and literary.

I participate in this competition, and I benefit greatly from the discussions that take place in this competition, and this competition is considered one of my school achievements.

Parents Council meeting

One of the important events that my school is keen on is the Parents Council meeting every month. This meeting is one of my school achievements, and it is an important meeting because the problems facing teachers and students are discussed. There are also constructive suggestions to solve these problems. The meeting of the Parents Council helps in the advancement of education, and overcoming obstacles.

A fashion created by me program

My school participates in the fashion created by me program, a program that helps students to acquire the skill of designing and sewing, and following fashion and more.

My sister loves to participate in this program, and she is trained in designing clothes, and she constantly follows fashion models. Learning this craft provides many job opportunities.

World Civil Defense Day

The International Day of Civil Defense is one of my school’s achievements, and it is one of the important activities that my school does. On that day, there will be cultural seminars, showing the importance of civil defense in protecting countries, and that the role of civil defense is complementary to the armed forces.

There are also practical exercises under the supervision of specialists, and there are many areas in civil defense, including the medical, military and social fields.

Safety First Exhibition Program

This gallery is one of my school achievements, because the safety of the person is the most important thing. In the various laboratories of the school, tools are provided to ensure the safety of students and teachers, and there is direct supervision from teachers, so that no student is exposed to harm.

There are also educational seminars dealing with the topic of safety, and how to protect ourselves from any potential danger.

Honest Trader Program

Among my school achievements, students are trained in buying and selling, and moral values ​​are instilled in students, such as honesty and not cheating.

Training in buying and selling and calculating profit and loss are all skills that we must develop in students, so my school provides this opportunity for us in an actual way.


At the end of my school achievements, I mentioned some of these accomplishments, but there are many that I did not talk about such as Our  past is our present treasure program, outstanding student awards ceremony, science fair, career day program and other great achievements.

My school is an exemplary school and the rest of the schools should follow it. It prepares the future generations.

I hope you benefited from the topic of my school achievements.

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