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money makes many things
money makes many things

Money makes many things

Money makes many things, Money is an important thing that can not be dispensed with. Most things in life are bought with money such as good education, health care and other things that can only be achieved by money. But as money is a blessing to his companions, it may also be a vengeance and a reason to bring unhappiness in life.

 Money makes many things

Love of money is a natural thing in every human being. Every person seeks money and seeks to make money so that he can achieve his ambitions in life. Money provides the human life with dignity  for man and family members. Money preserves human dignity in many situations that may be exposed to life.

Money is of great importance to everyone’s life. Money provides a decent life for man.Money is also important to preserve human dignity and provide life requirements.

money is a blessing to man if he uses good and strengthens human relations in society such as giving alms to the poor and strengthening social relations with relatives and friends. When money is used in charity, it increases and does not diminish. Thus man feels God’s satisfaction and feels happy in his life. But sometimes money is a curse on a person if he uses it in illegal acts such as bribery, drug trafficking or anything that causes corruption in society.

Some people use money for entertainment such as travel, trips and tourism. Some people like to visit other countries and learn about different cultures and peoples. Some people love the acquisition of antiques or precious jewelry. Money is important for some people to provide basic and recreational life requirements as well.

The importance of money for societies is a security component of the state. A strong country has a huge economy, a strong currency and cash. And also the rich state can buy advanced weapons to defend itself. And the rich state can build a strong infrastructure and provide utilities to serve citizens. The rich state can pay the salaries of employees and provide aid to the unemployed and poor families.A rich country is the most powerful country. The rich state can spend on legislations, establish infrastructure and set up public facilities to benefit citizens. A strong state can provide better education and health care to its citizens.

Money is the foundation of everything in life. In the end we can say that money is indispensable in human life.

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