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Jordan Dead Sea
Jordan Dead Sea

Jordan Dead Sea

Jordan Dead Sea is a topic about the Dead Sea in English contains important and useful information for all those who wish to know about the Dead Sea because of its strategic importance and geographical location and unique advantages for each student and researcher, whether inside Jordan or from abroad.All this will be here in Jordan Dead Sea .

Jordan Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is from the vital areas in Jordan and we will present to you  this wonderful information which may be new to you to benefit  each student and researcher wants to write a topic about the Dead Sea in English or to use the information for himself.All this here in Jordan Dead Sea .

 The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the sea that lies west of Jordan and the east of the West Bank from Palestine. It was called Lot Lake to Lot, the Prophet of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, where he lived and his people in that region in which the people who didn’t believe in him were tortured.

Many Muslim scholars have caused its lower surface – 400 meters below sea level – to the effect of the Lot people’s torment, since according to some narrations; they have been lifted off the ground and then thrown on the ground severely.

The Dead Sea is about 645 square kilometers, and the surface is constantly shrinking due to the high rate of evaporation due high temperatures and lack of supply of river water or rainwater.

Scientists believe that it will remain in deflation until completely dry. Which may take hundreds or thousands of years to come.

Due the high intensity of evaporation, the Dead Sea is characterized by salinity, and called the Dead Sea because the high intensity of salinity cannot find the forms of life experienced by other seas; fish cannot live in the water to the intensity of salinity.

The Dead Sea is separated from the seas of the world. This is because of its low level. The connected seas are on one level. The Dead Sea average depth is around 200 meters. The lowest point in its bottom is 398 meters beneath its surface. Over the last fifty years, a large part of this sea has evaporated, so that it has seen a change in its map in the modern maps of compared to old maps.

The most changed part is the southern part because the water of the southern part was basically shallow and its deep did not exceed several meters, and with the shrinking of size, water drifted from its south gradually, and its salt deposits become apparent.

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