Dead Sea story
Dead Sea story

Dead Sea story

Dead Sea story , The Dead Sea has gained great importance due to its geographical location between Jordan, Palestine and Israel, as well as its unique chemical characteristics, being the lowest point on the surface of the earth and the lack of viability of living organisms that we know in ordinary seas due to the increasing concentration of salinity and other metals in water. All this information will be here in Dead Sea story.

Dead Sea story

We will offer you the paragraphs in a simple way to suit every student wants to write Dead Sea story in English .Here you will find all the information about The Dead Sea.

 The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is lowest spot on the earth; it is about 400 meters below sea level, and it drops about 33 cm every year. Its name derives from its lack of life because of its salinity and lack of food.

The salinity of the Dead Sea is approximately six times higher than that of the ocean, a very high degree where no living creature lives.

The reason for the salinity of the Dead Sea is that it is a closed sea and is not connected to any other sea. The Jordan River is the only source of water. The Dead Sea is located in a hole surrounded by mountains.

The high temperature increases the water evaporation, leaving the mineral salts behind. These salts increase over time, which in turn gives the water a very high density. The main source of salts is metal lions come from rivers and streams that pass through the nearby mountains.

Due to the high density of water, it is difficult for people to swim or dive, but their bodies float above the surface of the water. The high density of water makes the movement of legs and arms very heavy.

Its high salinity is harmful to eyes and skin, but the salts have positive economic effects. Potash and other mineral salts are used in various chemical industries.

The water of the Dead Sea is decreasing due to the farmers’ consumption of river water to a large extent before it is poured, leading to a decrease in the water level over time.

The Dead Sea area is not suitable for human residency. The temperature is very high and the rain is low. The arable areas are very few and confined to certain places. The suitable water for irrigating the plants is also few.

Roads are very difficult to transport because rocks and mountains surrounding the sea; which made the Dead Sea region a small population.

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