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Impact of social networking sites
Impact of social networking sites

Impact of social networking sites

Impact of social networking sites is a topic on social networking sites contains all that you want to know about social networking sites , their types , importance and also know their advantages and disadvantages. All of this information will be found here in impact of social networking sites .

Impact of social networking sites

The social networking sites are sweeping every home in our time, so many of them are getting rid of their family relations and social duties because of it. All this and more you will be here in impact of social networking sites.

 The social networking sites

Recently, the use of social networking sites has spread. This has broken the geographic boundaries between people. These sites have transformed the world into a small village. In this article we will talk about social networking sites and their impact on society as a whole.

Social networking sites are defined as a set of interconnected electronic networks that allow a user to create their own account, and connect it with other users with the same interests through a social e-system.

It is called social because it comes from the concept of “building communities” and is classified within the second generation of the Web.

Social Media

 Facebook: A social network on the Internet, which allows users to exchange information and enter their personal data, in addition to the ability to send and receive messages, and get the latest developments around the world.

INT: A site that works on smart phones, and allows the user to share photos and video only.

YouTube: A well-known video-sharing website that allows users to watch and share various videos for free.

Twitter is a website where ideas, information, and events are disseminated and allows users to exchange views through comments.

The positives of social networking sites

 Communicate with the outside world, share ideas and opinions and learn about peoples’ cultures.

 Many activities that help to communicate and get closer to others, and also gives great opportunities for users to express their views, As well as the possibility of sharing their experiences with others.

Open doors and opportunities for users to launch innovations and projects that achieve their goals and help the community to develop and grow.

 Reduces the time and effort needed to communicate with others.

The rapid transmission of news and events around the world.

Allows users to identify users with shared hobbies in browsing the Internet.

The disadvantages of social networking sites

Lack of supervision and lack of responsibility.

Frequent rumors, lies and exaggeration in the transfer of events.

 Distancing some discussions from respect and mutual appreciation and the lack of acceptance of the other opinion.

Wasting time by spending long hours on pages and files without interest.

To isolate young people and adolescents from their family life and their participation in events and events held by society.

The control of foreign languages ​​on the mother tongue, which will weaken our Arabic language.  

Lack of privacy.

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