Effects of social networking sites
Effects of social networking sites

Effects of social networking sites

Effects of social networking sites is a topic about social media contains all the valuable information bout social media in terms of its importance in our lives and also its  pros and cons. All of this information will be found here in effects of social networking sites.

Effects of social networking sites

No one can deny the importance of social media in our lives, but like all technology, it is a double-edged sword that we must improve its use. All of this will be here effects of social networking sites .

Social media

What has characterized the modern era is the tremendous progress in communication technology, and the social networking pages of various types and forms. And these means of communication have great positive and negative effects.

Benefits of social media

 Exchange life experiences in multiple life areas, through conversations with friends. Acquiring important information, from many sources.

Allows for creativity, in drawing up specific intellectual, cultural and political considerations, especially through multi-headings,  Which are joined by many members, and renewed, and linked to the views of social and cultural convergence  that achieve the purposes of fast and inexpensive social communication with friends and relatives.

Acquire creative experiences in diverse cultural fields.

To acquire the appropriate awareness of the events and developments of human beings, and in various fields.

 It has a good opportunity to acquire multiple skills in life and in various fields.

Harmful means of social media

 Isolation from close society;  In order to integrate with the remote virtual society, one sometimes finds himself in the presence of his guests busy with his friends on Facebook at the expense of hospitality.

Neglecting some duties, whether family or in terms of performance of various job.

 An introduction to the culture of moral decay and corruption, because these means, especially (Facebook) is an open society, before all cultures, including the promotion of the values ​​of corruption and disintegration.

Is a suitable place for planning the spread of crime and extremism sometimes, where these means a fertile opportunity to meet the extremists and strengthen their experiences and criminal experiences .

A suitable entrance for the enemies to follow the youth of the nation and follow their various activities.

It has a strong opportunity to spread and promote rumors, and in various aspects of life.

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