Football topic
Football topic

Football topic

Football topic ,The sport of football is one of the most famous sports in the world where it is held among different countries and is encouraged by millions of people. Here you will find a football topic that contains all the information about it.

Football topic

 Football is a very popular sport in all countries of the world ,and if you want to know more information about the rules of this game and all the information around it you will find here football topic contains all the information you are looking for.


Football is a type of sport spread around the world, which is a group game between two teams and play by a ball, consisting of two teams each team consists of eleven players and there are seven players reserve,  You can change the three players during the game at most, and exercise the game with the legs and prevent the holding of the ball by hand, the goal of this game is to achieve the greatest number of goals by putting the ball to the goal of the opposing team.

Playground specifications

 The game is played in a rectangular grassy or sandy court, with a length of 100-110 m and a width of 64-75 m. The stadium is defined by two long lines , and three lines in width: (goal lines and midfield) These lines are about 12 cm long, and in the middle of the pitch a circle is drawn it`s mid-circle 9.15 meters around the middle mark.

At the end of the playing area, the goal area will be drawn so that two vertical lines, each 90 degrees, are drawn at a distance of 16.5 meters from the inner edge of the goal. These lines extend 16.5 meters in the field and meet together in a line parallel to the goal line.

The penalty area is that area of ​​the field where the goalkeeper is allowed to use his hands to play. The penalty area is placed 11 meters from the midpoint of the goals and at an equal distance. An arc is drawn from a radius of 9.15 outside the penalty area. The stadium also has a goal, which is a two-pole stand, 7.32 meters between them.

Rules of the game of football

 The duration of the football match is 90 minutes and is divided into two parts, each called a run Separated by a quarter-hour break,  The referee must add a certain amount of time at the end of each run, equal to the time it took for the players to change and the injury time.

The game will continue until the referee stops the match or if the referee has ruled that the ball has crossed the contact line or the goal line. The goal is calculated if the ball has completely exceeded the goal line between the two existing columns.

There is a draw to determine which team will start the game, so that the team that won the lottery determines the goal that will stand, or strike the start of the game, and requires at the start of the game to be all players in the stadium and in the place allocated to them.

If the referee wishes to give a warning to one of the players, he will come out with a yellow card. If he wishes to expel a player, he will issue a red card.

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