Example of invention

Example of invention

Example of invention that is indispensable in every home which is the invention of television, which has become one of the most important things in the house, which has a significant impact in the transfer of civilizations and cultures of different peoples. Here we will learn about the invention of television and the most important people who contributed to its development. We will also learn about the most important pros and cons of this invention through a topic about example of invention.

Example of invention

There is no doubt that the world is full of modern inventions, and every day we find a new invention that invades the world. Here we will talk about the invention of television and its importance and its impact on family life. All of this information will be found herein example of invention.


Television is one of the most important inventions in the world, Where it has taken a large part of the lives of all persons; we do not find a house devoid of it, because it presents many programs, such as: entertainment, educational and cultural programs;  Which contributed to the development of the thinking of many and to learn important things in life which is indispensable.

The invention of television

Television was invented in 1925, It has been co-developed by many scientists, making it difficult to identify a particular person as an inventor of television, One of these scientists is the electrical engineer John Luigi Bird.

Television works by turning a moving scene and its accompanying sounds into electrical signals,  and then transfer this signal and re-turn it through a receiver to a mobile image accompanied by sound.

The stages of the evolution of television

1925: John Luigi invented a sound and image machine.

1927: Franssworth invented a machine to cut images and turn them into small electronic lines.

1928, he designed a device that transmits images via electromagnetic waves.

1929: Electronic TV launched the first electronic television based on a joint industry between inventors John Luigi and Francsov.

1936: The BBC launched the first British government channel in the world.

1953: Japan invented the first color television broadcast.  

1962: The United States launched the first satellite.

TV pros:

It is used as a means of learning by observing through the presentation of targeted programs.

Learning depends on enjoyment; it introduces new experiences to different people from different environments .

Provides diverse scientific information that enhances the mental abilities of the people, especially the child.  

TV Cons:

 Affects the intelligence of children when viewed too much, and reduces the level of their academic achievement.

 Causing mental disorders and anxiety, it is able to change a person’s principles, attitude and vision to the world gradually without feeling,  This effect is greater for children.  

Eliminates many activities  such as mind-raising games.

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