Important inventions
Important inventions

Important inventions

Important inventions are countless,and here we will talk about one of the most important inventions, which many people do not spare, no matter how the development of science, because of its importance in saving the time and a large mental effort , ti is the calculators. There are no students, accountants, engineers or other people who can dispense with the calculator in their daily transactions, especially as they are available on all mobile phones. All that information about the calculator will be identified here through a topic about the important inventions.

Important inventions

There are many inventions in the world that provided humankind with quick and varied services, which enabled them to save time and effort, whether physical or mental, and the invention that we will talk about today is an invention despite its small size, but it is of great importance in conducting calculations in all fields, . All of this we will know here in a topic about Important inventions.


Calculators are the best friend of accountants and students, they are simple and easy to use, in addition to easy to carry and transfer to any place,  especially if the equations used is of the complex type, they shorten the time to reach a satisfactory and correct result.

The first electronic calculator began between 1964 and 1967 to replace mechanical and electrical machines,  Which can assist in the implementation of many tasks related to mathematics,  Which has become a universal tool spread among people, Which has accompanied developments until they are found on mobile phones in general, and on the smart ones in particular.

The types of calculators vary. There are machines with simple functions that can be found in most homes, there are some found in dedicated places such as restaurants ,there are those who specialize in engineering calculations, accounting and many more.

William Seward Burroughs, who was born in 1857 and died in 1898, who introduced the first patent in 1885 for the calculator, was in 1892.

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