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Advantages and disadvantages of television
Advantages and disadvantages of television

Advantages and disadvantages of television

Advantages and disadvantages of television in English contains many important information about television, the invention that you find in every house, which spread through it a lot and a lot of negative ideas, including positive. Here we will also learn about the pros and cons of television and also some tips to avoid its damages. You’ll find all this here on advantages and disadvantages of television.

Advantages and disadvantages of television

Television has become an integral part of our daily lives. Many people spend hours and hours watching television. But here we will learn about  its advantages and disadvantages, and how television is a double-edged sword that we must use it in a good way. All of this information will be found here on the topic of advantages and disadvantages of television.

The television

 Is one of the most important media and communication in our world, which is found in any home, it displays on its screen many political, social, religious, sports programs, in addition to serials and films.

 It is known that this device has many positive and negative effects on all segments and different categories of society. We note that there are many children and adolescents sitting for hours in front of this screen, and this affects their minds significantly.

So we should study these effects and know how to avoid the negative effects resulting from it. In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of television.

The advantages of television

Collect family members at one time and one place, and provide an atmosphere of pleasure and joy at home.

Develop and strengthen the culture of individuals and increase information in different fields.

A means of education, because there are many educational channels.

Many administrative and government projects have been beautifully presented to help private and government companies perform their projects.  

Promote good morals through religious channels.

The disadvantages of television

Leaving children and adolescents watching television for long periods,  Which may affect them with many problems, such as: autism, isolation, introversion, Also sitting in front of this screen for a long time causes many problems for the eyes.

 Dissemination of corrupt morals that harm the society and cause it to reach the lowest levels of moral and behavioral degeneration by watching obscene serials, and immoral films, which are widespread in many stations.

Release terror in the hearts of people through newsletters that cause a sense of frustration and negative.

Some children and adolescents object to the life they live as a result of seeing unrealistic life and wish them to live in this virtual life.

Ways to deal with television

It must be understood that this electronic screen has become a double-edged sword,  So that it can be used in ways that contribute to the development and improvement of the personality, and benefit the community and the family, and use them in the wrong way may cause many social problems, psychological and negative, which have a significant impact on the family in many cases; because of the lack of dialogues that get between them.

Parents should therefore organize periods during which their children watch TV, and to specify certain hours to watch after the completion of the duties.

Parents should also monitor everything their children watch from programs and serials, and devote more time to sit with them during the day away from any media and technology.

This is why we have provided you with a topic on advantages and disadvantages of television. You can read more through the following link:

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