About doctor profession
About doctor profession

About doctor profession

About doctor profession , contains many important information and details about the profession of doctor that noble profession which is indispensable in any society and here you will find all that information in the topic about doctor profession.

About doctor profession

The doctor profession is a noble function and have great importance in all our lives, the doctor use all his time and knowledge in the service of patients and their comfort and therefore you will find here all the details about the doctor’s job in topic about doctor profession .

Doctor profession

The medical profession is one of the noblest professions on earth, and the doctor himself, his time and his life are a price for the rest of others.  

Such a noble profession requires many qualities that must be available in the doctor so that he can fulfill this noble profession.

And from these qualities that the doctor has to be scientifically qualified to carry out this profession by obtaining a full university study in this profession and qualify him to practice this work with sufficient experience.

And the doctor must have a good manners and respect others,

And not to steal or lie, and the doctor has to keep the secrets of patients, and taking into account the privacy of each patient.

And the doctor has to take into account the external appearance, and personal cleanliness, and to be patience with his patients and answer their questions no matter how varied and repeated.

And to listen to each patient’s grievances and concerns no matter how long, and to hold in his heart compassion for each patient.

Medicine is a profession that has arisen with the emergence of man. It is a necessity of life. There is no life without it. Between the doctor and disease a strong and exhausting conflict.

The goal of the doctor in this conflict is to eradicate the disease, to help the patient to live normally, to have excellent health, and to help the patient to heal ,and also to provide an environment free of epidemics and diseases for the next generation.

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