6 October War
6 October War

6 October War

6 October War, An English topic of the October War contains many useful information about the glorious October War where the great victory that restored dignity and trust to the Egyptian people and the Arab nation. All this information will be found here in 6 October War .

6 October War

The October War, that glorious victory that was once a day to back the land and dignity is a day that generations will never forget over time. Here we will learn more about this day in 6 October War .

 October War

The Arab states that have borders with Palestine – Egypt, Jordan and Syria – fought two wars with Israel. But in every war, the Arabs lost part of their land. Israel was victorious, and this was because of the support of Western countries.

Despite the defeat of Arab states in their previous wars, they were preparing for a new war to return the land occupied by Israel.

The Egyptian leadership agreed with the Syrian leadership on joint coordination to wage war with Israel at the same time. On October 6, 1973, the armies of the two countries moved toward their respective borders with Israel.

The Egyptian army had to pass the Suez Canal as soon as possible to reach the fortifications of the enemy on the other bank of the canal.

 The Egyptian Engineering Corps installed bridges on the canal and opened corridors to cross Egyptian tanks at the time when the Israeli army was celebrating Yom Kippur, Where most of the soldiers were on vacation.

The second barrier to be cut by the Egyptian army after the Suez Canal is a huge dirt line of sand and dust, which was done along the canal with high obstacles preventing the vehicles from crossing it.

 And contains in its fold the warehouses of tanks and individuals, the “Barlev line” . Where the Egyptian forces were able to pass using non-war technology, the powerful water hoses.

The Egyptian forces entered to the sites of military fortifications and began confrontations after the Egyptian Air Force bombed these sites in advance to facilitate the task. 

The faith of the Egyptian fighter in his cause, and his trust in God, has the great effect of giving him the determination, the strength and the energy , the proper planning of the battle, the sound plans that can control all positions that can face the progress of the army, This provided the elements of victory in the war.

The complete secrecy that was planned for the battle played a major role in achieving victory, providing the element of surprise to the enemy, which caused his confusion in making his decisions.

The glorious October war restored confidence to the Egyptian armies, and even to the Arab peoples after they failed in their previous wars.

The Egyptian army was able to destroy the myth of the Israeli army equipped with the latest weapons and the latest equipment in the field of communication and mobilization.

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