Wolf information
Wolf information

Wolf information

Wolf information ; tells every student and researcher wants to know more about the wolf that very intelligent animal. Here you will find many different information and facts about the life of the wolf learn through it everything you did not know about the wolf before. You will find All that information here in wolf information.

Wolf information

The wolf is known for its intense brutality and it is an animal that can not be raised and considered a pet.  It is also known for its  intelligence and strength and it is a very organized animal that lives in a herd. You will know all that facts and more here in wolf information.

The wolf

Wolf, from mammals, belongs to the dog breeder, an animal characterized by sharp intelligence, and the ability to organize and planning, and is characterized by the vigilance and cunning, ferocity, and beautiful form.

There are many types of wolves, including the gray wolf, the Arab wolf which an endangered species, the alaskan wolf, the white wolf, the polar wolf, the Mexican wolf, the steppe and many more. 

Basic information about  the wolf

Here are some important information about wolf life:

The wolf can distinguish human blood from a distance several miles away.

Do not eat the carcass, no matter how hungry it is.

It can not be hybridized, or considered a pet.

When attacking cattle herds, it chose the best in the herd, and the wolf with its supernatural intelligence can distinguish whether the shepherd bears arms or not, whether male or female, and accordingly decides to attack the herd.

It is considered of animals that stabilize do not settle in a particular place.

Female wolf, especially the female with children, more ferocious than male.

The voice of the wolf is called “howl”.

The wolf is a social animal, living in the form of herds, each of the herd has divided and organized functions.

Wolf is a companion animal, not a multilayered animal, and in the event of a partner’s death, it is very painful, and its sadness and grief may extend to many months or years.

The wolf is known to be a difficult animal to adapt , which does not accept change in its surroundings quickly, but needs some time.

The wolf has the ability to communicate visually, communicate in body language with the rest of his sex.

The wolf transmits a number of diseases, including brucellosis, foot-and-mouth disease and anthrax.

The wolf’s female pregnancy lasts two months.

The wolves’ mating lasts from January to April.

A wolf is called “puppy”  or “garmus”, a female wolf is called a “lupus”.

The wolf reaches the stage of sexual maturity at the age of two or three years.

The length of the wolf’s body is about two meters, while its tail is half a meter long, and its height is about sixty-five centimeters, and weighs between 12 kilograms and 80 kilograms.

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