Topic about fruits
Topic about fruits

Topic about fruits

Topic about fruits contains  many information about fruits and their importance to the body,  it  protect the body from many diseases . All this will be here in a topic about fruits .

Topic about fruits

Fruit is one of the most important foods that the body needs for a large amount of vitamins and minerals that protect the body from many diseases and maintain the beauty of hair and freshness of the skin. You’ll find all this here in Topic about fruits.



Fruits are plant  with high nutritional and health value. It contains a high percentage of water in their components and a high proportion of minerals, salts, elements, vitamins, sugars, fibers, antioxidants, fatty acids necessary for healthy body and healthy growth.


So doctors recommend that you enter fruits in the diet on a daily basis, to maintain the health of the body, and prevent it from cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and others.

Information about fruit benefits


Protect the body from cancer; because it contains a high percentage of antioxidants, which fight free radicals, resulting from the factors of demolition in the body, and destroy it.

The colors found in fruits also play a major role in determining the concentration of antioxidants:


 Red fruits: Red fruits are rich in antioxidants, especially dark red fruits such as cherries, tomatoes, red grapes, berries, romans, and melons.

These fruits contain a high proportion of cancer-resistant lycopene and risperatol Which inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Blue and violet fruits: such as blue berries, violet grapes, dates, figs, and plums, where they contain a plentiful proportion of anthocyanins, which protect the body from cancer.

 Orange and yellow fruits: such as oranges, lemons, peaches, apricots, melons, yellow apples, guavas, bananas, pineapples, Where it contains a plentiful amount of beta-carotene, which protects the eye from many diseases.

Green fruits: such as green grapes, green apples, cream, kiwi, where they contain a high percentage of antioxidant phenol compounds, which protect the body from heart disease, osteoporosis, neurological diseases, and cancer.

 Weight loss, because it contains low amounts of calories.

Lowers the level of cholesterol and fat in the body, treats constipation, and digestive disorders; because they contain large amounts of fiber.

 Protects the body from cold and flu diseases; because it contains vitamin C, which provides protection for body tissues, skin, and teeth, increases the absorption of iron, thus preventing anemia.

 Helps the body to form red blood cells, and protect it from birth defects; because they contain folic acid.  

Preventing high blood pressure and kidney stones because they contain potassium.

Promotes blood circulation, improves liver function, and stabilizes calcium in the body; for containing vitamins B1, B22.

 Provides nutrition for skin and hair; for containing B vitamins.

Strengthens the immune system in the body.

 Energizes muscles, regenerates cells, expels toxins and gases.

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