Tell us more about yourself
Tell us more about yourself

Tell us more about yourself

Tell us more about yourself is a topic  containing all the important information about how to describe yourself with ease and confidence ,and you will find all you want to know here under the title “Tell us more about yourself “.

Tell us more about yourself

If you want to describe yourself in English you must follow the basic steps to appear in the personality of the beloved people and here you will find a topic entitled “Tell us more about yourself “contains everything you want to know .

There is no doubt that many people are asked this question, is to talk about yourself, so you have a lot of words do not come out of something, and start here conflicts with yourself, why I did not answer! Why I could not talk about myself! , The subject is not measured by this, all in it that man sees in himself many of the characteristics that others do not see, and they see  some of your flaws.

When you are asked to talk about yourself, all of these qualities are confused by your mind and you can not express them.

You are also afraid to mention your flaws, and you have the fear that  they feel you are arrogant when you talk about your advantages.

Be wise in your answer, for example respond to your name and age and what you do or study.

If you are asked to explain more about yourself, talk about your social status and simple things, and do not speak in a slightly arrogant way,  such as my name is….

I am 19 years old and live in this neighborhood and speak French and English and I am very good and I love everyone and I see myself in a great future of excellence and creativity and I do not think anyone like me, I have a lot of money, and I can buy everything I want ….,stop here,

You are here to tell the story of your life to them, they said talk about yourself and did not tell us tell your story, make your answer as much as their question, and do not judge yourself on the side of goodness and beauty and calculation and descent, this is  what they see in you  and you are not the one to tell them.

But to talk about your personality, and is intended to remember what you love or hate without exaggeration ,or remember your hobbies or things you are adept at, And that’s like saying my hobby is fishing.

I see all my dreams and I feel happy when I fish.

This is not a vanity.

You have to talk in a way that does not excite others from words we hear almost daily .

You have to speak with all sincerity, credibility and self-confidence, but within the limits, make certain qualities of your own, you do not tell it to anyone like your weakness, Each of us has a weak point if you mentioned before him ,he will fell weak, so do not let them know it and bother you. 

And thus we have provided you how to describe yourself in English in the topic of “Tell us more about yourself “,  and you can read more topics through the following link:

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