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Presentation of colors
Presentation of colors

Presentation of colors

Presentation of colors , contains a lot of color relationships with different human personalities and how they affect the treatment of many psychological diseases. Colors have a close relationship to psychological comfort and a sense of different emotions. All of this will be found here in the presentation of colors in English.

Presentation of colors

Each of us has a favorite color that makes you feel happy or relaxed as soon as you see it. The colors are closely related to your feelings and psychotherapy. All this will be known here in the presentation of colors in English.


Hello … My name is … I will present to you today a theme about colors , I hope you will like it. I will answer all questions in the end with pleasure.


Effect of colors on human personality

Many people disagree that colors affect a person’s mood or personality. But psychologists have proven that colors have a negative and positive impact on the behavior and personality of the person from the psychological and spiritual.

Even in the medical field, many studies have shown that light of different colors helps in healing and relaxation.I will give you in this presentation some colors and how they affect the human personality,  But we will initially have an overview of how the colors originate.

Origination of colors

Ancient Egyptians were the first to care about colors and to create different color structures. In the fourth century BC, the Greeks classified colors into groups. In the 19th century, the German poet Joune developed a circle of colors.The evolution of colors continues to this day.


White color

Psychologically: It is considered of a great influence in  introduction the feelings of tranquility and calm,  Therefore, it is advised in the case of anger to look at anything of white color for the comfort of the soul.

Therapeutically: white light is important in the treatment of bile disease.

Red color

Psychologically: It sends energy and vitality, and saves the person from inactivity.

Therapeutic benefit: Increases heart rate, respiratory rate, increases brain activity, and muscle tension.

Green color

Psychologically: Provides comfort and recovery, a color comfortable for the nerves.

Therapeutically: lowers blood pressure, and is used as a calming agent in cases of intense anger.

Orange color

Psychologically: Delivers comfort, but some see it as a source of tension.

Therapeutically: Increases the heart rate.

Blue color

Psychologically: Provides calm and relaxation, and is an inspiration for imagination.

Therapeutically: Effective treatment for rheumatoid patients.

Yellow color

Psychologically: It sends joy and optimism.

Therapeutic: It is used to treat TB patients, and is a stimulant of the brain, and soothing nerves.

Violet color

Psychologically: works to inflame feelings.

Therapeutically: It is important for the treatment of nerve patients.

Dark blue color

Psychologically: Increases the rate of meditation and reflection, and suggests superiority and strength.

Therapeutically: reduces psychological pressure, and works to calm the breath.

Pink Color

Psychologically: It brings love and romance.

Therapeutically: Works on the relaxation of muscles, It is used in hospitals and prisons as a sedative for aggression people.

Brown color

Psychologically: Increases the rate of deep thinking.

Therapeutic: Helps protect the skin, and works to relieve back pain.


Thank you for your kind attention … I hope you have liked the presentation. If you have questions, I will answer them with pleasure.

In this way, we have provided you with a presentation of the colors in English. You can read more about the colors through the following link:

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