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Popular ice cream
Popular ice cream

Popular ice cream

Popular ice cream is a topic where we learn a lot of information and steps to make ice cream and also the most important tools that should be used for the manufacture of ice cream in the factories. Many people are doing ice cream at home in easy and simple ways, but it is made more in factories. You’ll find all this here in Popular ice cream .

Popular ice cream

There is no one who does not like ice cream where he is very popular at all ages. It has many wonderful flavors. Here we will learn about the components of ice cream and the tools used in its manufacture. All this is here in Popular ice cream.

Ice cream

  Ice cream is very popular for all ages, especially in summer or high temperature seasons. The flavors vary ; some prefer flavors of strawberries and fruits, while some like eating ice cream flavored with vanilla and cocoa.

The industrial, or natural, additives give the ice cream an irresistible taste; nuts, raisins and others.  Some make ice cream at home, but it is made more in the factories, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

Ice cream industry in factories

 The ice cream industry goes through many stages within the factories, each phase has controls and criteria, different and accurate steps.

Tools and materials of preparation vary with different stages.There are general stages governing the ice cream industry, which we will discuss below.

Tools and components



Cooling equipment.



Cocoa or any other flavor.

Manufacturing method

The amount of water needed and the raw materials needed for manufacturing are put in the manufacturing ponds, such as milk, cocoa with flavor stabilizer, and other substances, in the order required, and according to the required temperature for each item, within the accepted standards. There are types of ice cream in which the amount of cocoa, more than other varieties.

Mix all ingredients, via blender or mixer, for at least 15 seconds, at 80 ° C.

Transfer the mixture through tubes to homogenization, to begin the naturalization stage; to break the granules of fat as desired.

Paste the mixture by heating at a certain temperature; the product is still liquid in this step.Then put it  in tanks, which have cold water pumped from special coolers, and this stage is to reduce the temperature of the product and maintain it for a longer period, so that it is less than four centigrade.

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