Pollution topic in English
Pollution topic in English

Pollution topic in English

Pollution topic in English contains all that you are interested in about pollution and its types and causes, as well as solutions available to solve this problem that has become a threat to humanity, and all that information you will find here in Pollution topic in English.

Pollution topic in English

Pollution has become a major problem, which is exacerbated every day. Therefore, the state, institutions and individuals must join together to protect the environment from pollution as much as possible.All this information will be here in Pollution topic in English.


Pollution is all the means that cause damage in the environment, and most of these means are open waste, and smoke rising from factories, and all causes of environmental pollution came from human activity.

It is possible that the pollution is not visible, such as pollution from radiation, and the noise generated by the sounds of vehicles and mechanisms.

Environmental pollution damage;

Environmental pollution is one of the most life-threatening problems on earth. Contaminated air carries infectious diseases, causes damage to crops, and air pollution causes climate change in the air.

Another form of pollution is water pollution, which kills crops or produces Polluted food poses a danger to humans.The pollution of the sea, which is produced by pouring the pipes of dirty water which is harmful to marine organisms which used by humans in food.

Farm water also carries pesticides and chemical fertilizers which flows into rivers and seas, and this is also a form of pollution of water.

All organisms are connected to each other by the so-called ecosystem, and can not be separated from each other. To reduce environmental pollution, humans must reduce the use of vehicles and cars.

Solve the pollution problem;

It is difficult to eliminate the problem of pollution completely; because all the causes of environmental pollution are ultimately important materials in human life can not be dispensed with.

But over time it is possible to use techniques that reduce environmental pollution without affecting human life;As there are low pollution ways to operate the factories .

And there are pesticides used for plants which has fast decomposition, which cause less pollution, and the use of pesticides can be replaced by animal waste instead of throwing it and access to water,  which leading to the spread of many diseases.

These solutions are supposed to be adopted by governments to protect their populations and enact laws that will reduce environmental pollution to the lowest possible degree.

Many diseases have recently emerged from one country to another due to polluted air, and we have seen many cases of food poisoning from pollution of soil by pesticides.

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