Places to visit in Abha
Places to visit in Abha

Places to visit in Abha

Places to visit in Abha  is a topic where you will find all the information you need about the city of Abha and know the most important places you can visit in this wonderful tourist city. All this information will be found here in Places to visit in Abha.

Places to visit in Abha

Abha is one of the most beautiful cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is one of the best cities to spend vacations and visit the tourist places. We will  know all this here in Places to visit in Abha .

Abha city

 Abha is one of the main cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located in the south of it.  It is the most suitable city to spend holidays in; it has many beautiful landscapes .

On the contrary of othet cities of the Kingdom , Abha is characterized by its beautiful and mild weather throughout the year.

There are a variety of activities that encourage tourists to come. The following are the best places to visit in Abha and include the following cities:

Best places in Abha:

The new Abha Resort, in addition to Al Sadd Lake, where there is a series of restaurants and gardens, in addition to the great Abha Palace, which overlooks the lake, there is also the ride of the cable car and watching the scenery from a higher and more beautiful view.

Watch the exciting village that was built in the middle of a road known as the Lower Face, the owners of this village lived after they expelled the othman from it, and they lived in isolation from the others, until they were discovered by a plane belonging to the Saudi army.

At the beginning of the discovery, it was an archaeological and historical artifact, but with the development it influenced by trade and economic changes, it is still worthy of visit.

Go to Green Mountain, which is located in the middle of the city, originally was a hill overlooking the city, and includes a large and striking collection of lighting specifically green ones.

There is a small restaurant and coffee shop, specifically on the balcony-top terrace overlooking all the landscaping below, and gifts can also be bought from a dedicated shop.

Watching birds in Asir Gardens, known as the National Parks, includes more than one hundred and seventy species of birds.  In addition to the beautiful green forests, most notably juniper forests.

Riding on top of the mountain peaks known as Mount Sudah, an altitude of about two thousand and ninety meters, and the atmosphere is cool and nice, and there is a great part of wildlife away from noise .

Visit the library, museum, and restaurants that offer traditional meals specifically in an area called the AL-Sodah , overlooking the beautiful valley.

It is also possible to practice rock climbing and practice many different sports, the most important of which are biking as well as sailing on the top of the mountain or at the bottom of the valley.

Explore the old markets located in the Asir region, most notably the Tuesday market in Abha, or the Thursday market located in an area called Mashyt. These markets include all women’s clothing, cosmetics, etc.

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