Most popular restaurants
Most popular restaurants

Most popular restaurants

Most popular restaurants ,There is no doubt that many people prefer to eat in famous restaurants because of the quality of their food and test many of the new tastings they have not tried before. Here we will talk about one of the famous restaurants in most popular restaurants .

Most popular restaurants

If you are traveling to a different country than your native country, a large part of your enjoyment in this new country is a new and different food experience. This is exactly what restaurants offer from a new adventure with a taste for all food lovers. Here you will find a topic about most popular restaurants that contains all the information you care about.

 The restaurant

The restaurant is a place where food and drinks are served to customers. The restaurants were initially on the sides of the road so travelers could stop to rest and regain their vitality.

Today, restaurants are almost everywhere on quiet streets, busy roads, hotels, airports, bus and train stations, parks, office buildings and shopping malls.

Restaurants are the largest part of the catering industry. Shops catering to people outside their homes are part of the industry, including schools, hospitals, factories and prisons.

I will talk here about Hosny for BBQ and Seafood restaurant.

Hosny BBQ & Seafood has many locations in Egypt. Hosny Restaurants serials uses high quality meat from special farms. You can choose from a variety of meat, seafood and Eastern-style appetizers.

Hosny restaurants for BBQ and seafood are attractive and offer a friendly family atmosphere to restaurant guests.

The restaurant also provides catering and beverage services for birthday parties, banquets or any special occasion.

The beginning of the restaurant was small and simple. Founded by a self-made man who bult his name with his effort and adopted the straight path in his work as a basic goal and raised his children to complete the journey.

He made his name and reputation of his sincerity in his work. He started small and in a few years became an emperor his name is well known everywhere and went out to the Arab world by his name and good reputation.

It a was small restaurant that has become a chain of restaurants in Egypt and the Arab world, and his children and grandchildren continued to make this history to become a chain of Hosni restaurants for BBQ and seafood with a history.

I consider it a model for a successful small project, which was based on the choice of a crowded place on a main street. It kept quality and gave affordable price, which led to the restaurant’s prosperity and growth into a chain of famous restaurants.

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