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Learn English easily
Learn English easily

Learn English easily

Learn English easily is very important subject through which we can learn about English. Many people want to speak English fluently but the do not know how to do this. Here we will provide you with the best way to learn English easily and to speak fluently  which is the conversations.

Learn English easily

If you want to learn English easily and to know the write words to say in every situation ,you will find here a sample of conversation to learn new vocabulary which you can use in your daily life.

The  following is a sample of conversation between two people who don’t meet a long time ,one of them tries to remind the other about the past

Do you remember me?

A:Hey is that bill?

B:Yes, i’m

A:Do you remember me from school?

B:I ‘m sorry I don’t remember you ,did we study together?

A:Yes, and we lived in the same door too.


A:What floor did you live on?

B:I lived in the seven floor and you lived in the five floor

A:That’s right how did you know?

B:I was see you in the elevator sometimes.

A:I ‘m sorry I don’t remember you.

B:It’s alright it was six old years ago.

A:Any way it’s nice to meet you again aaaaaa?

B: Nana

A: Nana Hel.

B:Yes, so you do remember me.

A: Okay where do you live now.

B:I live in an apartment

A:Oh do you live with your parents?

B:No, my parents moved to the country.

A:They must be very happy there.

B:Yes,they enjoy very much,so do you live alone?

A:No, I shared the apartment with an old friend.

B:Really a friend ?Is he a boy friend?

A:No ,she is an old friend from school.

A:We know each other from many years.How about you?Were do you live?

B:I rented an apartment I’m by myself.

A:Do you like it there?

B:Yeah but it is kind of noise.

A:Oh may be you should complain with your neighbors.

B:Oh no I’m the one who make the noise.


We have previously given you a conversation between two people who talk about “Do you remember me ”  in the topic of “Learn English easily” .For more conversations ,click on the link below:

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