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Conversation between two persons
Conversation between two persons

Conversation between two persons

Conversation between two persons we will offer you the following conversation between two people were met by chance, and these sentences are very useful for all students and learners of the English language.

Conversation between two persons

This conversation is between two persons Ali and Mona

Ali:hello my name is Ali,what’s your name?

Mona:my name is Mona ,nice to meet you ,Ali

Ali:nice to meet you,whats your last name

Mona:it’s Mohamed,and you

Ali:it’s Nader

Mona:what are you doing for living?

Ali:i’m a doctor,what’s your job

Mona:i’m a teacher

Ali:how old are you?

Mona:i’m twenty years old,and you

Ali :i’m twenty four years old

Mona:what’s your favorite sport?

Ali:it’s football,and you

Mona:I like swimming

Ali :I can’t swim

Mona:I will teach you Ali

Ali :that’s very nice

Mona :what’s your telephone number?

Ali :it’s 12345678,,and yours

Mona :it’s 87654332

Ali :can I speak to you and your family tomorrow?

Mona:of course we will wait you

Ali:that’s great, see you soon

Mona :bey bey,see you soon,Ali


We will offer the following conversation between two friends meeting by chance at cinema

Nada and Hoda

Nada: hi  Hoda ,it’s nice to see you again

Hoda : i’m very nice to see you,how long it has been

Nada :it most be more than 2 months

Hoda: how are you?

Nada: i’m fine.how about you.

Hoda: i’m fine thank you.

Nada: what movie are you going to see?

Hoda: i’m going to see Hero 2 movie .what about you?

Nada: i’m going to see the same movie.

Hoda: that’s great .let’s go.


We will offer the following conversation between the girl and her father in the super market

father:which one do you want?

girl:oh,I don’t  konw .they are all cute.

father: will it’s time to go.please make up your mind.

girl:um, okay .I’ll take this one.

father: Are you sure?

girl:yes, I am.

father: great. let’s get it.

girl: the cashier is over there.

We have presented to you a model for a simple and easy  conversation between two persons met by chance and the dialogue between them.For more conversations and dialogues press here:

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