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Learn English conversation
Learn English conversation

Learn English conversation

Learn English conversation ,the best way to learn conversation is through a dialogue consisting of questions and answers so we can learn English conversation easily witch is the best way to learn the language.

Learn English conversation

If you want to learn English conversation,here you will find a sample of easy conversation so that you can use it in your daily life conversations.

We will present to you some Questions and answer in an English conversation you can use it when you want to know somebody`s country:

Where do you come from



A:How are you?

B:I’m fine thank you.And you

A:I’m fine thank you

B:Where do you come from?

A:I am from Egypt.

B:Why did you come here.

A:I came here for vacation.

B:You came here for vacation.Are you have fun?

A:Yes, i am having a great time.

B:What do you like here?

A:All the people are very kind.

B:Do you like food?

A :Yes, the food is great.

B:How much longer will you stay here?

A:I will stay three weeks

B:Then you will go home

A:Yes, then I will go home



How was your vacation?

A:It was very fun.

B:Where did you go?

A:I went to the beach.

B:Who did you go with?

A:I went with my father mother and young sister.

B:Do you have a house at the beach?

A:No, we stay in the hotel

B:which hotel did you stay at?

A:It called queen.

B:Have you stayed there before?

A:Yes, we have stayed there for years.It is very nice and not too expensive.

B:Did you play in the water?

A:Yes,I went swimming and I rode the banana boat.

B:How about your younger sister?

A:She doesn’t like the water.

A:She likes to sit on the beach and read a book.

B:What your father and mother like?

A:They like to eat in the restaurant.

B:How long was your vacation?

A:Tree days.

B:Will you go there again next year?

A:Of course.

We have provided you with Learn English conversation, and you can read more conversations through the following link:

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