Introducing oneself in English
Introducing oneself in English

Introducing oneself in English

Introducing oneself in English is a topic that contains all the information and questions you want to know about Introducing oneself in English in social events with the family and friends .Here you will find a topic entitled “Introducing oneself in English”  contains all the information you care about.

Introducing oneself in English

Introducing oneself in English is very easy but it is most important that you know the appropriate stories for each situation ,and here we will provide you with questions and answers suitable for social events under the title “Introducing oneself in English”

Some may find it difficult to talk about themselves in English. But it is very easy if you know the appropriate topic of the situation . There are some questions and answers that are useful in social events with family and friends, such as to answer the following simple questions:

What`s your name

How old are you

Where do you live

What do you do or what is your job

And your answera will be:

My name is

I am …. years old

I live in ……city

I am a student/ a doctor/ a lawyer/a teacher

You can talk to family or new friends about some personal things like remember that you are married and how many children you have:

I am married and I have got a boy, his name is………

And you can remember more than that, such as talking about your parents or brothers say, for example:

My father`s name is…. and my mother`s name is….. and they have got three grandsons

I have two sisters and one brother

You can also talk about your hobbies and things you do in your spare time like saying:

I play football at my spare time /I like horse riding/ I like  reading

You can talk about your daily routine like saying:

I wake up at 7 o`clock ,I have my breakfast then go to work , I go to cinema in week ends, I like to have coffee with my friends every Sunday

In this way we have provided you with introducing oneself in English, and you can read more topics through the following link:

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