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Internet good and bad
Internet good and bad

Internet good and bad

Internet good and bad is a topic about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet in English briefly, which enables you to benefit from the positives of the Internet as much as possible and get away from the many and multiple disadvantages. All of this information will be found here in a topic entitled Internet good and bad.

Internet good and bad

There is no doubt that the Internet is one of the most important means of technology that serves humanity, but like any invention has its advantages as its disadvantages and we should improve its use as much as possible. All of this will be found here in Internet good and bad.

The positive points of Internet

 Used extensively in the field of education and study, where there are countless books, encyclopedias and references.

Develop self-learning and reconnaissance skills.

Develop interaction skills and share data, information, experiences and opinions .

Teaching the art of buying, selling, producing and marketing  through e-commerce.

 Follow up on what is happening in the world in terms of cultural, artistic and sports.

Explore many areas of the world.

 Learn many foreign languages.

Develop skills and hobbies.

Meet new people.

 Identify different cultures and civilizations in the world.

Follow-up discoveries, and all that scientists have reached all over the world.

Play collective educational games, and intelligence games that develop a spirit of participation and competition.

Learn the skills of communication with different nationalities.

Get enough entertainment like watching a movie or listening to music.

The negative aspect of Internet

Access to sites and pages that violate morals.

Exposure to many fraud, fraud and threats.

Harassment and abuse of children through corrupt chat rooms.

Promoting the concepts of racism.

 Advocacy of ideas contradicts religion, morals and customs .

Call for suicide through some sites.

Infringement on the privacy of others, through hacker programs and hacking.

Addiction to the Internet and preoccupation with other important things.

 Spread rumors that harm people and businesses.

Use the slang and stay away from the traditional.

Violation of title, by copying movies and songs.

Computers are damaged by viruses that arrive via mail or websites and download files.

 Health damage to the eyes and back, resulting in long-term pain and problems.

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