Interesting presentation
Interesting presentation

Interesting presentation

Interesting presentation where will talk about very interesting topic, as we all know, the world of relationships between men and women is very complex because of the fear of some of their true feelings , or their inability to distinguish originally what they feel is love or just admiration. Here we will learn how to distinguish between love and admiration through an interesting presentation.

Interesting presentation

Many people feel a lot of different emotions during their lifetimes, which can be mixed up in distinguishing between them or knowing them clearly like feelings of love and admiration. Here we will know the essential differences between love and admiration through a very interesting presentation.


Hello … My name is … I will present to you today a presentation about the differences between love and admiration, I hope you will like it. I will answer all your questions at the end with pleasure.



When it comes to talking about the emotions that occur in the relationships between men and women, we find that there are a lot of unclear feelings or not definitively defined; So that understanding the nature of these feelings, especially the difference between them on the person is difficult.

But there are some ways to differentiate feelings, One example of this is the way most people differentiate between the feelings they have for someone they like, or someone else they love.

 Love is unconditional

 When talking about the relationship between the mother and her young son, for example, We note that the child does not say: (I admire you mom) – but instead he says (I love you, mom).

In this example, the difference between love and admiration is that the feelings between the parents and the child are not related to what the presents introduce to their son,  because the child is born with his parents` love inside him, this emotion will exist deeply and naturally inside him.  

Unlike love, admiration is based on certain conditions or specifications must found in the other person such as generosity, intelligence or friendliness, and ultimately leads to friendship.

Love promises commitment

In a complex world of love, dating, and relationships, the quick recognition that you love someone may frighten the other person and make him move away because this requires a long-term commitment.

In men and women relationship,  love is usually a sign that the relationship is growing to be more serious, and that it can eventually lead to marriage, so most men and women who are in a new relationship usually hesitate to express their feelings,  so, instead of saying, ‘I love you’ , they say, ‘I like you.’.

Love is deeper than admiration

Let us have a closer look at the major differences between love and admiration.

Admiring someone means being happy with that person, while loving someone means you can not bear to be without him at all.

The difference between love and admiration is deeply related to your feelings towards someone; The admiration may give you a warm feeling, and feel the light beats inside you but mostly this is superficial.

Love on the other hand involves a much deeper sense, and more complex emotions, making it one of the greatest feelings you will ever feel and live in your life.


Love is unconditional emotion, while admiration is a light version of love.

Loving someone means that he or she means everything to you,  While admiring someone means you are simply happier with that person.

Love is deeper and has strong emotions, While admiration is a sense of inclination toward a special person.

Love is that someone becomes an integral part of your life, While the admiration is to be more comfortable in the company of that person.


Thank you for your kind attention … I hope you have liked the presentation. If you have questions, I will answer them with all pleasure.

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