Interesting facts about basketball
Interesting facts about basketball

Interesting facts about basketball

Interesting facts about basketball ,  this topic contains all the important information about basketball and its rules and the number of players and conditions of the stadium and everything related to basketball .You will find here interesting facts about basketball with all the information.

Interesting facts about basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world after football,it is a fun and interesting game with its own rules and this is what you will know here where you will find interesting facts about basketball with everything you are looking for .


Definition of basketball

 Basketball is a collective and competitive game, in which two teams of five players compete, each trying to score the most goals or points by entering the ball into the basket of the other team, as each team tries to prevent the other team from scoring points.


The origin of basketball

 It dates back to the 7th century BC and was practiced by some ancient civilizations such as the Maya, the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Columbians. They practiced it in two groups, either individually or in pairs.


Modern basketball

Created in 1890 by Dr. James Nye Smith, when he was assigned by the University of Kansas City professors to find a sports game that allows students to maintain their fitness during the winter, he invented this game and called it basketball, and  began to spread the game in 1900 by the American soldiers.


In 1915, the general rules of the game were established. In 1933, the first university championship was established. The Arab countries were introduced to the game in 1938 by the YMCA, which contributed to its dissemination in Egyptian schools and universities.

The corners of the basketball game

 basketball court

The length of the legal pitch is 28 meters and 15 meters wide. The floors are mostly wooden. Five-centimeter lines are used to divide the stadium into sections, and on both sides of the playground a basket and board are hung.

The basket

The basket consists of a 20 milliliter ring or collar with a diameter of 45 cm. It is fitted with a L-shaped incisor and mounted on a metal plate or made of fibrous glass parallel to the ground at a height of 3.05 m. A mesh made of cotton or artificial fabric Wide opening suitable for the passage of the ball through .

The ball

A ball made of leather, air-blown in orange or brown, has a legal weight of 600 to 650 g and a circumference of 75 to 78 centimeters.


 Each team consists of five players:




game time

 The game takes 40 minutes, divided into two 20-minute intervals. Each break takes 10 to 15 minutes,  If the result of the match at the end of the 40 minutes tie,  Five minutes are added for several periods until the tie is broken.

Terms of play

The five players in the team have the right to play as a defense when the ball is against the opposing team and an attack when the ball is in their possession, provided that the acquisition of the ball changes rapidly among all players.

Players are entitled to move anywhere in the stadium without regard to their positions and may change their positions at any time.

If the ball goes out of the field, the team that touched the ball loses the last time.  It is not permissible to acquire the ball and walk in it two steps without tilting or twisting it with both hands.

No player may take possession of the ball for more than five seconds in half of the front yard, and stay in the basket area of ​​the opposing team is prohibited for more than three seconds.

 The opposing team shall be given a free throw or two shots if any team exceeds the permitted number of errors.

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