Information about Iraq
Information about Iraq

Information about Iraq

Information about Iraq ,Iraq is known for its vast natural wealth, such as oil, natural gas and other natural resources, which have made Iraq a coveted enemy for all those who aspire to Iraq from other countries. This has led to all the destruction, devastation, killing and looting that we see now.

Information about Iraq

Iraq has been the cradle of civilizations and land of prophecies and messages ,and Iraq is still a witness to live on the multiplicity of religions and beliefs in one country.You will find all this things here in information about Iraq.


Iraq has passed through many ancient civilizations recorded by history and showed the effects on them and in return  other civilizations have been discovered, but without the availability of many information about them, despite this the passage of many peoples and civilizations on the ground of Iraq gives it a unique historical position as some civilizations have spread to include many Of the countries currently known, for example, the eastern region of Turkey.

Iraq was called ancient Mesopotamia because of the existence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers . Civilizations on Iraq have continued for 8000 years and during this period Iraq has known the first achievement of mankind  which is the invention of crafts by the Sumerians, which later developed to write the laws that governing the country, and the first civilization to write laws When ruled by Hammurabi. Iraq since ancient times has been characterized by the fertility of its territory because of the presence of the Tigris and Euphrates River, which made the conflict on this land sequentially over many years, all people aspire to take it and therefore we find that the civilizations before BC were building walls around its cities.

Many civilizations have all passed through Iraq before BC, which has managed to make Iraq an important country with several cultures, and with a strong economy has made it an important trade center for several years up to the era of Islamic civilization .And then discovery of oil, which made ambitions around it become large till it reached to what we know now from killing and destruction, and it is sad that a country  with the size of Iraq and its achievements throughout history reaches to what it has now reached.

Iraq is famous for the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The rivers are one of the main sources of water resources in Iraq. The rivers originate from the Taurus mountains in eastern Turkey and pass through Syria and Iraq. It is known for the oil fields. In Iraq, especially in the provinces of Kirkuk and Basra, oil-rich regions. According to estimates in 2015, Iraq produces about three million barrels on a daily basis and ranks eighth in the world in terms of oil production. Known for its natural gas fields, it ranks 32rd in the world in terms of natural gas production and tenth in the world in terms of natural gas reserves.

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