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How to help poor people

How to help poor people

How to help poor people is a topic  in English will review many of the ideas and suggestions that will help the poor and provide radical solutions to the problem of poverty. Poverty is a serious social problem that needs to be addressed. All that information and more you will find here in the topic of how to help poor people.

How to help poor people

Many developing countries are suffering from the problem of poverty, which is worsening day by day and governments and organizations must address it and help the poor and raise their standard of living. All these suggestions will be found here on the topic of how to help poor people.


The poor can be helped through Zakat, which is defined as a certain part of the money imposed by Allah to be spent on a sample of people mentioned in the Holy Quran,  Including the poor and the needy who do not own money, food, or do not have income to support them or depend on it to live.

Awareness development

The first steps to solve the problem of poverty is to raise awareness about the concept of poverty by watching or reading the news and to see the events taking place in the world to cope with the events of poverty.

 You can also contact one of the local non-profit organizations and shelters to see the conditions and developments in the problem of poverty,  and to know the efforts being made to help the poor in various places in the world.

Provide jobs opportunity

The process of providing job opportunities of all kinds by the responsible government agencies in the State contributes to helping the poor to raise their standard of living.

The government should also support new investments that will create jobs, strengthen the national economy and significantly increase the living standards.

Communicate with the media

 The poor can be helped by communicating with the various media by sending messages to specific newspapers, contacting radio stations, writing emails to news stations, or discussing this issue in various places of worship, community or government institutions,  In this way it would become the problem of poverty general problem, and efforts to solve it would be increased.

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