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France information
France information

France information

France information; Information about France in English contains all you need to know important and useful information about France, its location, economy and all the details related to France. All of this will be found here in France information.

France information

France is one of the most important European countries in terms of economy and tourism .Many tourists coming from all over the world annually. Here we will find general information about France in France information.

Information about France

 It is officially called the French Republic with the flag of three colors, blue, white and red, with its capital, Paris, and its currency, the Euro, a European country with a population of sixty-six million.

It was formed in the Middle Ages and reached its peak in the 19th century,  Where it launched several colonial campaigns on a large number of countries.

And was the largest colonial empire after Britain in one thousand nine hundred and fifty. And today is a member of the European Union, and a permanent member of the Security Council and many other organizations.

And is one of the giant countries at different levels military and economic, and play important roles in culture, fashion and fashion, and is famous for French perfumes.


 France considers religion to be a freedom and a constitutional right. It is a secular state that separates religion from the state, but the majority of its population follows Catholic Christianity, the second category does not follow religion, it has a Muslim minority, and some Jews, the Prostans and the Buddhists.

The language

 The official language of France is French, in accordance with the Constitutional Law promulgated in 1991, which follows active and effective ways of disseminating its language in many countries of the world, in addition to being a colonial state in the nineteenth century Which made the countries that were subject to it fluent French.


France has a strong economy and is in fifth place in the trading countries. However, its imports outweigh its exports slightly because of its dependence on oil imports.

Its exports include electric appliances, cars and chemical products of all kinds. It also relies heavily on nuclear energy, Production of carbon dioxide from industrialized countries.

As well as its share of wheat, poultry, cattle, pigs, milk production. It has about 20 percent of the EU’s total agricultural production, and produces about six hundred and eighty tons of fish a year.


 France has a great natural diversity, making it a destination for many tourists in the world, in addition to many attractions such as Versailles Palace, Mount Michelle, Nice Resort, and the largest and most famous museums, the Louvre Museum.

 It also attracts many pilgrims annually to visit the Vardis and St. James, and has thirty-seven tourist guides listed on the UNESCO list.

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