Elephant information
Elephant information

Elephant information

Elephant information, facts about the elephant learn from it all that is valuable and useful about the life of the elephant. All of this will be found here in elephant information. Helps every student or researcher who wants to learn more about elephant.

Elephant information

The elephant is one of the largest living organisms living on land. Here we will learn about the elephant through elephant facts.

The elephant

The elephant is a large mammal that falls under the rank of keratophytes, the only non-extinct mammal species such as the mammoth, the largest animal living on land.

The elephant’s male weight is seven thousand kilograms. What distinguishes this animal is the long hose that replaces the nose, and there are two main types of elephants, namely the African elephant, and the Asian elephant.

Characteristics of the elephant

There are many differences between the Asian and African elephants, as the African elephant is larger and has more rib cage involvement than the Asian elephant, but they share many common characteristics: the large, strong skull, the long hose, the large ivory gums that grow next to the mouth, the strong jaw.

The heat of the body is similar to human temperature but has the ability to raise it slightly or reduce it in proportion to surrounding environmental conditions, and large ears high, which can be moved by the elephant to reduce the temperature of the body, but the ear of the African elephant is much larger than the Asian elephant.

The elephant has a strong memory that can remember the water sources for several years and return to them in the years of drought, and a strong sense of smell that can distinguish the smell of wind coming from the source of water, and identify the enemies, and therefore does not keep a distance between it and lions like other animals,  Of course, it is strong, and is not easy for lions to hunt, but it fears the fire and the high sound.

Elephant Living Place

 Elephants feed on the grass, so they live in environments where grasses are available, such as savannah. They prefer to live near the water. They grow in swamps where water and grass are available and spend about three-quarters of a day chewing grass.

Life in the group

 Elephants live in groups that are often female only. They are led by a larger female, the wise mother, while males live alone or in groups of males. They meet in the mating season.

The elephants have a gestation period of 22 months,  The female elephant is a very affectionate mother, and all the herd protects the young ones as they are subject to the attack of lions, tigers and other predatory animals.

The baby remains dependent on his mother in the first three years of his life, his brain is not fully developed, and does not know the techniques used for life, such as eating, drinking and moisturizing the body, and the elephant can live for about seventy years, and the elephant shows a clear sympathy for the last dead of her flock.

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