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Different transportation
Different transportation

Different transportation

Different transportation is a topic on the means of transport where we will know about many types of transport and the importance of each type and its disadvantages. We will learn about the problems of transportation and traffic congestion and how to solve them. All of this will be found here in the topic of different transportation .

Different transportation

There is no one can dispense with the means of transport or deny its importance. But everything has negatives and positives. The state and individuals must cooperate together to solve transportation problems. This is what we will learn here in the topic of different transportation .


The means of transportation nowadays are a great blessing that Allaah has bestowed on man. These methods help to approximate distances, reduce waste time on road  between starting points for trips and destination.

 Modern transportation also helps to bring people closer together and improve communication with each other by providing a convenient transport network that connects remote distances with ease.

Transportation includes many different species and it is one of the most important issues to which government attach the highest priority. This is a measure of the well-being of the people, the success of government plans, and their ability to solve the various dilemmas. Here is some information about the means of transportation.

Types of transportation

Land transport: This transport includes many different forms, such as cars, trains and buses of all kinds. This is one of the most common forms of transportation used to transport passengers from one area to another by land.  

Air transport: It includes aircraft of different sizes; this type helps to transport passengers between different regions very quickly, but the cost is high compared to other types of means.

Shipping: This type of transport was popular in the past before the invention of the aircraft, but it is still used today to commercial transport, and a lower rate of passenger transport.

Public transport and traffic problems

 The public transport means in the state are public property that can not be attacked or destroyed in any way. The view of these transport, including buses, taxis, and others, reflects the general culture on which the people who use these transport originated.  It was therefore necessary for generations to grow up to preserve such property.

There are many negative phenomena and problems related to transportation, especially land transport, and perhaps the most prominent of these phenomenon is the traffic congestion, which made some streets seem to be large places for car parking.

And perhaps the most important effects of this negative phenomenon : high rates of diseases due to the emission of harmful gases to the density .

In addition to the fact that the congestion has very negative effects on the human psyche, hence the government solution to the problem of traffic jams is a top priority.

Good public transport helps to free people from the burden of private cars. Driving on crowded streets and under the sun’s rays is not something that can tempt anyone, especially if the nature of their work – for example – requires moving from one area to another constantly.

And getting rid of the private car removes a very large burden of the human and the state together , Helps to improve the surrounding environment, and provide mental comfort to humans.

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