Describe a friend essay
Describe a friend essay

Describe a friend essay

Describe a friend essay ,In this topic you will find many paragraphs so you can easily choose what you want and suitable for you and find that he describes you well and describes your friend and also you use the ideas in paragraphs and write an essay entitled with “describe a friend essay” .

Describe a friend essay

The friend is the brother who was not born by our mother, is the heart friend and the support of the soul.

The friend fills heart with joy, and soul with passion and love of life, which relieves the burden of days.

Friendship is one of the finest blessings God has given us. Who lives without friends feels a deadly unity, does not laugh at his heart, does not find anyone who shares his joys and dreams, and finds no comfort in his grief.

The best friend is the one who never confides in your absence in front of others, defends you with all might.

Friend never allows anyone to remind you of evil; for he sees you as an extension to him, a complement to his soul and existence.

He is the one who guides you to the paths of goodness and prevents you from being lost in the paths of evil.

The friend helps you to reach the right life, because he feels responsible for you, does not abandon you in the crises of life ever, and does not pay attention to attempts to separate him away from you.

The friend does not allow the world to take him from you, prefers you to himself, gives you the right advice in file and saves you from every tightness you passing through. He is like your father when you need advice, your mother when you need containment and your brother when you need support.

He is the person who you cannot live without him, because life without him is like a dark house and an endless cave.

The friend is who do not encourage you to do injustice, and protect you if you are oppressed, and teach you obedience to Allah Almighty because he wishes you good from all of his heart. Loves you in God without any other interest, he wants you for you, not to pass through you to his personal interests.

The right friend is honest, does not dissemble and does not flatter.

The best friend does not ask you to justify any action you do, he is your defender weather you do right and wrong, your guide in front of yourself and in front of others, seek you excuse in all things, and beyond your failures.

Many friends impose requirements for friendship, but the best friend does not do so, but remains loyal without any condition or exchange.

In order to choose the best friend, you must choose him by your heart, away from the the eyes and the common interests.

Loyalty, love and sincerity must be reciprocal, because a friend is a reflection of the personality of his friend, and complementary to him.

Who adheres to the link of the sacred friendship, and always guides his friend to the way of good, Allah Almighty covers him in his shadow on the Day of Resurrection.

What a reward provided by the friendship to friends.

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