Describe a city essay
Describe a city essay

Describe a city essay 11 models

Describe a city essay ,we will provided you with an essay on a city I visited to be suitable for students. All they have to do is fill in the brackets, use some ideas, change the name of the city and state and add or delete some events.All this will be here in “describe a city essay” .

Describe a city essay

I went with …………. to ………  city of ………. (country name). Has a total population of ………. approximately.  Most inhabitants work in ……….

we chose to visit the city of ……… because it has all the attractions. It includes landscapes, historical sites, entertainment areas, shopping centers, gaming and entertainment centers. It also offers many other health and therapeutic services.

The city has a large hospital of the Faculty of Medicine supervised by medical professors and handles all cases.

….. city is …… km from our city where we live. The ….. city can be reached through a number of means. It can be reached by plane, train or bus.

We chosen bus; the bus takes ……. hours to reach the city of ……… The bus stops in a break on the road due to the long distance between our city and the city of …….

The reason for choosing the bus to go to the city of ……. is  to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

On our way to the city of ……, we pass many areas of different nature. We go through mountain areas, coastal areas and agricultural areas and cross several cities and villages on our way.

We saw in our way palm, apples, and grapes trees and many beautiful landscapes.

We finally got to the city of ………. at night. The city was amazing. Lights of all colors everywhere, it has a noisy life and many shops and markets. It is a city that does not sleep.

If we did not need to rest, we would go to explore the city as soon as we arrived. But we needed to rest and sleep after this long travel. So we went to our hotel rooms to rest and prepare for an early start to explore the city.

On the first day, we visited the historic landmarks of the city dating back to the …… era.

We also visited the beach and enjoyed swimming, snorkeling and watching the reefs.

On the second day, we visited some of the most famous factories in the city of ………… Including the ………………… factory which manufactures …………..

The factory was very large and we were greeted by a public relations officer, who welcomed us and took us on a tour inside the factory and at the end of the visit gave each of us …….. of the factory production.

ID the evening, we went to visit the commercial area, which contains many shopping centers to buy souvenirs for our families.

On the third day, we packed our bags and headed to the bus station to return to our beautiful city.

We were sure that we will return to the city of …… several more times because once is not enough.


Describe a city essay

I like to describe the city I live in. I live in a city that is in the middle of the country in which I live. We do not have the advantages that in many other cities, such as the presence of a river or sea, which is a great attraction for tourism.

Rather, we are an industrial city, relying heavily on small trade or working in one of the large factories located in the city. All my family members work in factories or trade for their own account and their children help them when they finish their studies. I also help my father in his trade on holidays.

I find that my city is very wonderful, despite the lack of advantages that are found in coastal cities. But there is an opportunity to achieve great achievements because of the trade that is easily available around us. And the great commercial attraction makes us a source of great importance.

My city is witnessing a continuous development in industrial development. There is always a continuous development and I see a bright future for trade, especially in the presence of technology. Where technology and modern means will help us to reach foreign markets easily.

My city is crowded with markets, shops, and many restaurants and cafes. We also have many big clubs that participate in several famous sports.  I like to watch and encourage them from time to time. This is my city that I love as it is.


Describe your city essay

My name is (..) from the city of (…..) my city is beautiful surrounded by mountains and the sea. It contains many beautiful landscapes.
Definitely every natural place is beautiful. But I find my city one of the best of them. Because it contains beautiful churches and beautiful romantic streets which bears the Italian engineering character.

It contains many museums, large commercial markets, and many gardens as well. So it includes almost everything.
It also contains many areas for recreation, so I love it very much and do not want to live anywhere else.

I really like attending festivals in large squares, spending holidays on the beach, water skiing, and visiting churches. On some holidays I go to watch football in the stadium and cheer for my favorite team (…). All this makes me feel very happy.


Description of a city essay

I live in a big city, it includes a large number of factories, it is always crowded, you cannot go to work in time, in addition to the pollution of its air, so that many people suffer from serious diseases, such as chest and respiratory diseases, I advise that we expand In planting trees, as it helps to increase the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere, and also reduces the proportion of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. There must also be large areas of gardens and parks, and despite these problems, my city provides a large number of jobs.


Describing a city paragraph

I will describe to you one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is Sharm El Sheikh. This city is located in the South Sinai Governorate, especially in the Red Sea. Sharm was named because of the presence of a number of bays. It has several other names, as some call it the city of peace because of the convening of the peace conference there.

This city is characterized by a charming nature and a large number of hotels and beaches, which are considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Due to the large influx of tourists, the government periodically makes continuous improvements and developments, making it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Describing a city essay

My name is (..). I have a family of 3 people. I am the older sister, I have a brother who is four years younger than me, and my father works in the (army). My mother works as a nurse. I live in the city of (..).

I like to wander a lot in the streets of the city, especially at 4 am. I like to watch the sunset from my balcony which overlooking a large valley and behind it there is the ocean.

I really like to walk on the beach and collect some beautiful snails. I like to get around a lot on the subway and go to new places that I haven’t been to.

I am very grateful that I live in a big city, which has multiple means of transportation, and has a lot of activities and services. There are also great opportunities to work and trade in them.

One of the advantages of the city is also that all people live in their own life without interfering in the affairs of others, where there is more freedom and we can live the way we prefer without fear of others’ view or listening to criticism from others.

Therefore, I find that living in the city has many benefits, whether in terms of services, activities, freedom, or opportunities for work and trade.


Short paragraph describing a city

My name is (..). I have two younger brothers. My family and I live in a city of (type the name of the city). I study in class (acquire the class in which you study). I really like to support the team of (write the name of your favorite team).

Many people come to my city to watch football matches. Football is the biggest event that happens in my city and many people come to watch it and many times they stay for the holidays and wander after the games in bars or restaurants. This makes the city highly dependent on the big matches that take place in the city.

I love to wander around and get to know new people, get to know their hometown, and get to know their interests . This is my city and it is always full of life.


Descriptive essay about a city

I and my family live in the city of ( write the name of the city here). The city contains many commercial and entertainment centers, the most famous of which are (type a name here).

I like very much the educational level in my city, as it is ranked the best in the state. The city is constantly expanding to accommodate the continuous level of overcrowding. Which arrived in 2020 to (write the number of people in your city here).

My city crosses over an area of (type the area here). The city has distinctive and easy means of transportation that connect the city to each other. I like to take the metro a lot to get anywhere I want to go.

I like very much the developments and construction of infrastructure, where I can roam in all the clean and safe streets without fear of any obstacles due to bad roads.

My city is famous for its industry (type industry here). I would very much like to work in this specialty after I finish my studies.

This is my city that I like to spend all my time in, and participate in the various available activities.


Write a paragraph about a city you have been to

Last summer vacation I was able to visit a very wonderful city inside the Emirates, which is the city of Ajman. The Emirate of Ajman is the smallest in the UAE, with an area of ​​260 square kilometers. The Emirate of Ajman overlooks the Arab coast. I really enjoyed seeing the coast and doing some fun activities on it.

I liked very much that the temperature in the summer is moderate, unlike the temperatures in my city or other cities in the Emirates.

So I was able to walk around and enjoy several things such as the Ajman Museum, I liked its location very much and the shape of the surrounding castles and the old walls, I felt the grandeur of history and the splendor of the place.

After that, I was able to visit the archaeological area of ​​Al Mowaihat and enjoyed a lot of watching the marble ships and several antiques made of copper.

And when we wandered, I could see the Dhow Yard and watch the wonderful sailing ships and how they were manufactured, and I liked a lot that they built with their own hands like our ancestors, so I find that this city is one of the wonderful areas that I visited and enjoyed it a lot.


Describe your city paragraph

My city is not the largest city in the world, but to me it is the most beautiful place on earth. I’ve never traveled out of town before, but here in my town I have everything I need and love.

In my city, people are very friendly, everyone greets each other, and asks about the conditions of their bodies, and if there is any work that requires the help of others for it, you will find that others volunteer by themselves to help.

I may not have ever left my city, but I can know very well that these characteristics and origins no longer exist in many places.

My city owns several schools and one sports center divided for all sports. In my city, there is one hospital that serves the entire city. There is also a large police station,

The security in my city is good. We feel safe while wandering, whether in the early or late times. Because all people know each other.

We have a cinema that I really like to go to when they show some new movies. There is also a huge amusement park, all families go to it on holidays.

My city depends on factories and restaurants for income. These are the most important sources of income beside agriculture, which some people still live through.

This is my small city that I love and I love to live in very much.


Descriptive paragraph about a city

It is wonderful for a person to have a homeland, to make him feel safe and nostalgic for it if he stays away from it.
I live in the city of (type the name of the city). I love it so much and I feel safe inside it. I like to wander the streets, eat food and ice cream, on both sides of the road, and watch cars and pedestrians from time to time.

My city is famous for its tall buildings, and it is the capital of (type the name of your country). I think that I am a very lucky person as I was born in a big city with a lot of opportunities and a lot of activities that I can spend my time in.

There is no boredom here because of the many neighborhoods in the city, such as (write the names of the neighborhoods in your city).

Each region has its own customs, traditions and character. Which makes the city an interesting and exciting place, you can meet different people in many things, which makes you more curious to know them and their traditions.

This is my city that I love and I love to spend all my time in, and I miss it so much if I leave it, even for a few days.

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