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Describe a city essay
Describe a city essay

Describe a city essay

Describe a city essay ,we will provided you with an essay on a city I visited to be suitable for students. All they have to do is fill in the brackets, use some ideas, change the name of the city and state and add or delete some events.All this will be here in “describe a city essay” .

Describe a city essay

I went with …………. to ………  city of ………. (country name). Has a total population of ………. approximately.  Most inhabitants work in ……….

we chose to visit the city of ……… because it has all the attractions. It includes landscapes, historical sites, entertainment areas, shopping centers, gaming and entertainment centers. It also offers many other health and therapeutic services.

The city has a large hospital of the Faculty of Medicine supervised by medical professors and handles all cases.

….. city is …… km from our city where we live. The ….. city can be reached through a number of means. It can be reached by plane, train or bus.

We chosen bus; the bus takes ……. hours to reach the city of ……… The bus stops in a break on the road due to the long distance between our city and the city of …….

The reason for choosing the bus to go to the city of ……. is  to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

On our way to the city of ……, we pass many areas of different nature. We go through mountain areas, coastal areas and agricultural areas and cross several cities and villages on our way.

We saw in our way palm, apples, and grapes trees and many beautiful landscapes.

We finally got to the city of ………. at night. The city was amazing. Lights of all colors everywhere, it has a noisy life and many shops and markets. It is a city that does not sleep.

If we did not need to rest, we would go to explore the city as soon as we arrived. But we needed to rest and sleep after this long travel. So we went to our hotel rooms to rest and prepare for an early start to explore the city.

On the first day, we visited the historic landmarks of the city dating back to the …… era.

We also visited the beach and enjoyed swimming, snorkeling and watching the reefs.

On the second day, we visited some of the most famous factories in the city of ………… Including the ………………… factory which manufactures …………..

The factory was very large and we were greeted by a public relations officer, who welcomed us and took us on a tour inside the factory and at the end of the visit gave each of us …….. of the factory production.

In the evening, we went to visit the commercial area, which contains many shopping centers to buy souvenirs for our families.

On the third day, we packed our bags and headed to the bus station to return to our beautiful city.

We were sure that we will return to the city of …… several more times because once is not enough.

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