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Cats information and facts
Cats information and facts

Cats information and facts

Cats information and facts is a topic contains all the important information about cats and we will know the types of cats and also how to take care of them  and best types that can be raised at home. You’ll find all this here in cats information and facts.

Cats information and facts

Many people prefer cats as pets , and here we will learn important information about cat species and the characteristics of each species and how to pay attention to them. You’ll find all this here in cats information and facts. 

The cats

Cats are a favorite pet of many individuals, as it gives an atmosphere of fun and pleasure to the house, and perhaps the most important characteristic is the intelligence, as they do their daily work on their own, such as: eating, drinking, cleaning themselves, going to the bathroom and others.

 It is usually estimated from fifteen years to twenty years, and is characterized by its attractive form, which varies from one type to another.

It also has different colors, such as brown, black, white and gray, and in this article we will mention its types and how to take care of them.

Types of cats

 Shirazi: The Shirazi or Persian cat, whose origin dates back to the state of Iran, is known for his great love for play and fun, its thick and long hair, and its beautiful and attractive form.

 Siamese: The origin of the Siamese cat to the continent of Asia, and is known for aggression and nervousness, and characterized by short hair and body slim, and its shape is similar to the triangle.

Manx: is considered a smart cat, as it learns easily, and perhaps the most important characteristic is the absence of tail.

 The Turkish van is characterized by the strength of its physical structure.

It is a smart and quiet cat. It does not disturb anyone around it. Perhaps the most important thing is its ability to swim in the water.

Al-Habashi is considered to be stubborn and difficult to breed because of his intense temperament. It is characterized by its many colors, such as orange, red and copper, and it is characterized by its dense hair like rabbit.  

Siberian: It comes from Russia and is a friendly, affectionate cat. It enjoys a cheerful spirit and usually lives between 11 and 15 years of age. It is considered a perennial cat.

 Savannah is one of the most common types of cats, and has the potential to jump at high distances, one of the  friendly cats , but at the same time is considered a curious cats.

Rex German: Rex is characterized by soft hair and light, and is a smart cat that can learn things quickly, and is considered a nice cat and friendly to those around.

Egyptian maw: It is sensitive cats because of its inability to adapt to the cold climate, but prefer to live in warm climates, and has a length of pregnancy, which extends to about seventy-three days, unlike other cats.

 Tiffany: It is an eccentric cat, because of his intense jealousy over its friends, but at the same time it is a cheerful and smart cat.

How to Care for Cats

Conducting necessary tests from time to time to ensure that they are free from various diseases and viruses.

Give them necessary vaccinations against various diseases.

Feeding them clean and healthy food, and prefer to stay away from seafood, such as fish.  

Give it water and milk to drink.

Put a sufficient amount of clean dirt inside a wide carton, and accustom it to go to it .

 preferably using chemical-free shampoo.

Clean her ears of germs and dirt.

Comb her hair on a daily .

Stay as far away as possible from their harm and harassment.

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