Atlantis palm island
Atlantis palm island

Atlantis palm island

Atlantis palm island is a topic in English contains many information about the Atlantis Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, as it is the first hotel to get eight stars. All this information will be found here in Atlantis palm island.

Atlantis palm island

The Atlantis Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubai and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Here we will learn a lot about this hotel in Atlantis palm island .

  Atlantis palm island

The cultural, economic, social and tourist development that Dubai has experienced in the last century has transformed the city into the world’s most prestigious and attractive city for businessmen from all over the world.  Dubai has become a golden opportunity for businessmen to open up mega-projects with fantastic profits.

Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

Location and establishment of the hotel:

 Atlantis Hotel is located on the Palm Jumeirah  and stretches across 46 hectares, Its private beach is 4.1 km long.  The idea of ​​creating a hotel in the form of a huge tourist complex in the emirate of Dubai come from the South African businessman Sol Cairns, costing $ 1.2 million.

The hotel takes the shape of two opposite towers connected by a bridge extending between its summit.The hotel consists of 1,539 rooms including many huge and very expensive suites. The most luxurious wings are located above the bridge between the two towers and cost $ 25,000 per night.

Hotel facilities

 The hotel was built in a style that mimics the legendary continent of Atlantis immersed in water, where it contains glass corridors and trenches underwater exposed to the guests the debris and artificial structures of the sunken continent.

The hotel also offers guests the opportunity to swim with dolphins as well as many other recreational activities. The hotel also has a huge water sports city with a capacity of 5 thousand people and a health club consisting of 25 health treatment rooms.

The hotel has the lost rooms for guests with 21 seafront pools,  Making it the world’s most luxurious hotel as the world’s first 8-star hotel.

 The hotel’s water also includes 65,000 species of marine organisms and is sponsored by a specialized team of more than 100 individuals, among marine biologists, veterinarians and others. 

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