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Advantages of mobile
Advantages of mobile

Advantages of mobile

Advantages of mobile; A short article about advantages of mobile in English with all the information you are looking for on the mobile and the history of mobile .Here you will find important information and useful about the uses and advantages of mobile . Mobile has become indispensable today for everyone as everyone spends most of their time using mobile. Here we will present you with advantages of mobile theme with all the information you are looking for.

Advantages of mobile

The invention of the phones is credited to Alexander Graham Bell, whose name was closely associated with the phone, but although he made the first phone but was not the main idea behind the phone’s business, Graham Bell found the idea Among the models of inventions for the Italian “Antonio Meucci”, and the principle of the work of the telephone to transfer the voices directly between two different places to be connected to the telephone line and contain each of the phone, and after the Graham industry, but the first phone device developments in the field of communications until the advent of the American engineer (Martin Cooper), who made a big leap In the field of phones after the invention of mobile phone, which installed for the first time in 1973 in New York City,In favor of the Motorola company in which he worked.

There is no one can give up mobile phone now, so it has become a basic thing for everyone, young and old, because it provides people with a lot of services and applications that have made life easier, faster and more time-consuming. It is no longer limited to receiving and sending voice calls, we can make video call for example with anyone on the planet; so we will talk about the benefits and damages of this little device that no one can give up.

Mobile benefits;

Social benefits: Mobile is easy for everyone to communicate with others and shorten the time and cost, especially for people who are remote or living in a strange way, so that parents can reach them easily, as well as necessary when a person is at risk such as accidents and fire, So contact the hospital and emergency, bring a doctor and many more.

Financial benefits: These are highly noticeable for entrepreneurs and people who have free businesses, so they can complete their business, deals and businesses in seconds, which has contributed to the availability of Internet service in most modern mobile phones, which has contributed significantly to saving a lot of money; Because it is possible to make free phone calls through a wide range of applications.

Different benefits: These are related to mobile applications such as alarm clock, camera, and voice recording, especially if used correctly.

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