About Dubai city

About Dubai city

 About Dubai city , contains many of the great tourist attractions in Dubai which you can visit on a trip to Dubai and all those places will be introduced here in a topic about Dubai city .

 About Dubai city

In recent times, the Gulf and Middle East region has witnessed rapid development and has almost all the tourist features required of most tourists.

The most popular tourist areas are the Emirate of Dubai, which is the most beautiful and best place for tourism and the destination of huge numbers of tourists in the recent period. 

In the Emirate there is everything you need for a vacation and a great tourist experience.

I went on my last summer vacation on a trip to Dubai with my friends. It was one of the most beautiful tours of my life ever and, I will tell you about the places I have visited in Dubai.

The tourist attractions in Dubai are many and can not be limited , but I will mention the most important and what distinguishes each area:

Burj Khalifa: The highest skyscraper in the world, where the visitor can see the height through the elevators provided for this high-rise building.

And the view of the circular terrace on the Dubai is spectacular and wonderful view, and  the design impress and attract many of the designers and architects  because of its accuracy and greatness.

Dubai World Mall ;is the world’s largest shopping mall due to its vast building space. It is a global shopping destination because it contains all branches of companies and brands in the world.

It is a lovely tourist spot and it is highly recommended to anyone visiting Dubai to visit it.

DUBAILAND: DUBAILAND has golf courses, large horseback riding areas, an integrated sports city and a racing circuit that the visitor can experience. Dubailand is always full of tourists.

Dubai Aquarium: The largest marine exhibition in the world and contains 33 thousand animals and 100 million liters of water.

Aqua City Aquaventure: A city that contains all the fun water games suitable for all ages.

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