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Value of friendship essay
Value of friendship essay

Value of friendship essay

Value of friendship essay ,we learn from it the conditions that must be met in the friend to continue friendship for life and also recognize the importance of friendship  in the life of the human psychologically and socially, and you will find all this information in value of friendship essay.

Value of friendship essay

There is no doubt that friendship is an integral part of human life, but every person has a favorite friend as his brother and until the friend reaches that position, he must meet certain conditions and this is what we will learn here in the value of friendship essay.


Friendship is a human, moral, religious and great value. Friendship is a close relationship between two or more people, a reciprocal relationship, and full of harmony in feelings , which are very important in the stability of the individual and the development of society.

Because God created man to be a social being, he could not live alone, but interacted with those around him positively, to form an integrated society.Bad friendship ends quickly as the bubble of water.

Conversely, good friendship makes life beautiful because it serves the soul, body, and mind. We have to gain friends and work to preserve them.

It is known that the lack of friendships and relations with people and friends generates depression, illness, psychological tension, and many health and psychological problems, and that sitting alone is a severe physical and psychological punishment.

There are conditions for friendship and ideal relations, which are suitable for every age and time, and continue, but lasting, including that friendship and brotherhood is one.

And to choose friends who are reasonable, and that the friend works to hide the defects, and does not work on broadcasting, and accept the advice of others, and be patient, and ask for his friend if he missed him and participate in joy.

He should always encourage him to work, to succeed, to excel, and to respect the values ​​and morals, so that the friendship is permanent, strong and firm, not shaken by the first problem or material interventions.

In this way, we have given you the value of friendship essay You can read more about the friend through the following topic:

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