Value of friendship essay
Value of friendship essay

Value of friendship essay 7 models

Value of friendship essay ,we learn from it the conditions that must be met in the friend to continue friendship for life and also recognize the importance of friendship  in the life of the human psychologically and socially, and you will find all this information in value of friendship essay.

Value of friendship essay

There is no doubt that friendship is an integral part of human life, but every person has a favorite friend as his brother and until the friend reaches that position, he must meet certain conditions and this is what we will learn here in the value of friendship essay.


Friendship is a human, moral, religious and great value. Friendship is a close relationship between two or more people, a reciprocal relationship, and full of harmony in feelings , which are very important in the stability of the individual and the development of society.

Because God created man to be a social being, he could not live alone, but interacted with those around him positively, to form an integrated society.Bad friendship ends quickly as the bubble of water.

Conversely, good friendship makes life beautiful because it serves the soul, body, and mind. We have to gain friends and work to preserve them.

It is known that the lack of friendships and relations with people and friends generates depression, illness, psychological tension, and many health and psychological problems, and that sitting alone is a severe physical and psychological punishment.

There are conditions for friendship and ideal relations, which are suitable for every age and time, and continue, but lasting, including that friendship and brotherhood is one.

And to choose friends who are reasonable, and that the friend works to hide the defects, and does not work on broadcasting, and accept the advice of others, and be patient, and ask for his friend if he missed him and participate in joy.

He should always encourage him to work, to succeed, to excel, and to respect the values ​​and morals, so that the friendship is permanent, strong and firm, not shaken by the first problem or material interventions.

Friendship essay

Undoubtedly, friendship is one of the necessities of advanced social life. In the 21st century, it is possible to rely a lot on friends, unlike the previous centuries, which were characterized by civil wars, and continuous disputes over regions and other matters.

Which makes us in this century more developed and open, and the concept of friendship has become more clear and can be distinguished well and know the difference between a true friend, work friends and public relations that are not called friendship.

Only one true friend can make life meaningful, and help us a lot in learning many things, or guiding us to the right path, and standing up for us when we make the wrong choice.

Therefore, the friend plays a very important role, whether to listen to us, or to stand by us in difficult situations and adversities, or from the side of guidance and advice.



The value of friends essay

Friends are rare currencies, and whoever can get some friends for him in this life, he is one of the lucky ones. There are many people around us who are close to us, but in hard situations and adversities we find that they have completely disappeared.

In such difficult situations, you can only differentiate between a true friend and a friend who should to be put in a position and size less than we give him.

The best kind of friend is the one who grew up with you since your childhood, and you know everything about him, and he knows everything about you, and he did not get close to you during your success, but was with you since zero point, you grew up together and found him by your side when you had nothing, and found him in your back when you faced any kind of hardships, and you did not find him benefiting from standing with you anything.

This is how true friends are, and this is their invaluable value. This friend can sacrifice for you. Therefore, as he is presented, it must be submitted to him and more than that.



The value of friendship essay

Friendship means a lot to me, although I don’t like many friendships, and I don’t give anyone the title of friend, but I care about it a lot and give it a great priority in my life.

I would very much like to make real friends from a young age, so that they will be by my side and close and depend on them in old age.

I understand very well the value of friendship, the extent of its impact on a person, and the amount of good or bad customs, traditions and behaviors that may be transmitted through it. Therefore I give it great importance, and I do not make anyone a friend of mine in the true sense of the word.

At the same time, I take into account the extent of its importance to those who are my friends, as I am by their side in a real and effective way, and help them direct them for the better, and I always stand by them in times of distress, and take into account their feelings and do not push them with negative words or actions that affect their personality or psyche.

So I expect the same from others  in the same way and to be a good friend with me. This is how I see the value of friendship and love to be treated.



Importance of friendship essay

Friendship is very important for gaining experiences in life, whether social experiences such as talking and dealing with others, or acquiring new skills and habits, help in the development and continuation of humanity to be more humane and better than it is.

This is what happens since the beginning of creation, the transfer of knowledge and experiences through the friendships that we form, whether with other countries, or with people. With friendship always comes new experiences, customs and traditions.

And as we benefit from this friendship, the other party benefits, and there is always something in each person missing that he is looking for.

There are those who are looking for a companion to occupy their time, and there are those who are looking for a trustworthy person who can tell them their secrets, and there are those who are looking for a wise person who will be their friend and guide them to what is right.

This is the importance of friendship and its role in our lives. It nurtures a person according to his personal and psychological needs and requirements.



The value of friendship paragraph

The value of true friendship is immeasurable. If a person can find a true friend in his life, he has obtained something very wonderful and valuable, he has gained more than just a friend, but someone who is almost like a brother.

If this person is aware of the meaning of friendship and does his role in the fullest manner, this friendship will have great value and a very good result.

Where he is at our side in all circumstances, good and bad, and when we need advice. We also do the same things, and offer them to this person so that it becomes true friendship.

That is why friendship is an important matter, especially for people who do not have siblings, or live in countries far from their families, for whom a friend is important and necessary.


Paragraph on friendship in English

It’s great to make friends. I find that forming friendship with different personalities and groups is a wonderful thing, because through these friendships we can form a stronger and better personality, and acquire many of the life skills we need in life, and acquire skills that help us progress and improve, and gain self-confidence.

All these things can be obtained through the formation of friendship, besides finding a true friend who is by our side in difficult and happy situations, shares our life like a brother, and is always ready to be by our side and we are by his side and help.

That is why I love friendship and the formation of many relationships, so that I can benefit from their experiences and wisdom and learn from them.

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