What is a friend essay
What is a friend essay

What is a friend essay

What is a friend essay , we will know through it the importance of the friend and his role in the life of every human being and how friendship is a spiritual relationship between two people based on love and cooperation and sincerity and all that you will find here in what is a friend essay.

What is a friend essay

The friend  is the support  in adversity and hardship ,is the one who gives you a positive push, and here we will recognize the importance of the friend in the subject of expression in what is a friend essay.

The friend

Friendship is a small word in its size, but it is great in its meaning, and content, and it is the most beautiful thing in existence. It is also a  human relationship. It is an expression of a wonderful human connection . Strong psychological relationship between two people, and is a trade deal between two parties of love, cooperation, sincerity, and mutual trust between the parties.

The friend must be sincere in the affection and advice to the friend in error and slip, and guidance to the advantages of morals, and the extraction him away from bad habits, and know the right  of friendship with him in the case of insolvent or poor, as in the case of affordable, and help him to out of the crises . And support him in his coffins and sorrows, and mentioned the pros and spread of his virtues, pardon for his slips, and cover his mistakes, and preserve his secrets.

And friendship is priceless, and cannot be measured by any measure, and not weighed by any measure, because it is greater than all these things, and that one can not live alone, in isolation from others, but needs the friend to stand by him. And a person has to slow down when choosing his friend, and to choose him with a sound mind, logic, and careful understanding.

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