Sports research
Sports research

Sports research

Sports research , contains many important and useful information  to every researcher in the field of sports and its types and its importance. Here you will find sports research contains all the information about sports.

Sports research

Sport has become an integral part of our daily life. If you are not practicing sports, you will definitely watch it and encourage your favorite team. Here we will offer you sports research that contains all the information you want to learn about sports.



Sports is a physical effort by a person or group of people to entertain, compete, gain fitness, or win a prize. Sports are different nowadays, ranging from individual games to group games, and each game has its own rules and regulations governing all people involved.


It is worth mentioning that the sport is long-standing. There are many kinds of sports for the ancient Egyptians. They knew the sport of wrestling and dancing, and there are many kinds of sports that were invented by the old man who was throwing arrows and catching his prey.

The benefits of sport and movement;


None of us misses the importance of sports in maintaining the health and fitness of the human body, and it protects the human from various diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and there are many types of sports that stimulate human and create the love of teamwork such as football, That it creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm and competition between individuals and peoples.

Other benefits of sport include:


Controlling blood sugar.

Reduce the risk of heart disease and cholesterol.

Get the ideal weight.

Reduce the catching of cold.

Get better memory.

Enjoy a better sleep.

Strength joints.

Increases self confidence.

Self-control and stress .

Increase the number of sperm in men.

Collective sports;

Football is one-team sports. This team works as one spirit to win the game. The most important of these sports is football, one of the most popular games among the peoples. It is a game between two teams, Each team of eleven players plays in a square and one-legged court. Each game has a refereeing rule between the teams.

Basketball is a team game consisting of two teams, each team consists of five players compete in scoring points in the basket called the goal, and often this basket rises from the field about three meters, and if one of the players  make more than five violations ,he will be replaced with a player from the reserve.

It is known that this sport has inspired the people in many other popular games, which have been removed from the rules and regulations related to the mother game,also the game of basketball for disabled people has been established, where matches are held at the level of countries among these teams.

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