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Research in sports
Research in sports

Research in sports

Research in sports , contains all the important information  of the sport and its importance to the human body and mental health. Here you will find a research in sports with all the information you want to know about sports and its importance to the individual and society.

Research in sports

Sports is of great importance in human life and has a great impact on human life in terms of health and mental state. Here you will find a research in sports that contains everything you care about sports.


Sports is a physical activity, one of the important behaviors, health, and divided into several types depending on several classifications, some of which is individual, or collective, the concept of sport beyond the hobby or behavior of health, to become a profession of many, such as football players, Swimmers and others, bringing thousands of people to watch these games in which players compete to prove their strength and physical ability.

Sports is of great importance to humans, including:

Prevention of diseases: Sports contributes to protect the body from many dangerous diseases, including high blood pressure, which causes the occurrence of heart attacks, strokes, in addition to prevention of diabetes, cancer, and diseases related to aging such as weakness Muscle, osteoporosis, ED, and other diseases, because they contribute to help the body to get rid of toxins, by stimulating the work of body organs such as increasing the ability of the lungs to absorb air, and stimulate the heart muscle.

Increased strength: Sports contributes to building muscles and ligaments, as well as bones, so the body becomes stronger, and can do many of the activities that require daily physical strength, and make the body flexible and thus less likely to injury muscle.

Improve the health of the skin: With exercise, the heart pumps more blood, and thus the skin gets more food and oxygen, which helps it to treat problems such as infections caused by acne, and contribute to the regeneration of skin cells, and thus eliminate stains, and resistance Signs of aging.

Improving mental health: Sport contributes to stress , and is therefore an ideal solution for people with depression, because of brain secretion of chemical substances linked to feeling happy.

Helping to get a better sleep: The fact that the sport needs to exert physical effort, the body needs to rest, and therefore can sleep deeply, as well as it reduces the stress that causes insomnia.

Improve mental abilities: Sports contribute to increased concentration, memory, and analysis, because of improved blood circulation that improves brain function.

Exploitation of leisure time and the formation of social relations: There are many collective sports that contribute to the formation of good social relations, such as football and basketball, and thus exploits his time with useful activity, and spend time with others, away from the wrong behaviors.

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